Help and Advice

General FAQ's

How long have you been selling these products for?
We have been selling our products for over 18 years, and have thousands of customers including; individual customers, racing stables, dog groomers, vets, tack shops, dog breeders, kennels, stud farms, livery yards, riding schools & rescue centres.

How does your money back guarantee work?
We guarantee all of our products with an unbeatable 60 day money back guarantee. We want you to be able to try our products on your animals, to see the great results for yourself. You can read more about it here

Do you offer samples?
We only occasionally have samples available, and we tend to offer these first to people who have signed up to receive our newsletter.

We do however offer all our products with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, therefore you can try a full size risk free.

Ordering FAQ's

Do you Ship Internationally?
Yes. We send international orders daily to customers across the world.

We have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

We are NOT currently able to send to some countries including the USA, New Zealand, South Africa, India and Turkey.

Unfortunately we have had to stop sending orders to customers in these countries due to either customs or delivery issues. New Zealand is due to MAFF veterinary import restrictions. We apologise for this, as we know there will be a lot of disappointed customers and we too are disappointed that we can no longer help dogs in New Zealand and these other countries.

How much is shipping?
Delivery for all UK orders over £39 is free. Delivery for orders under £39 starts at £3.95.

Shipping for international orders is charged based on weight (at a subsidised rate). You can see the cost of shipping before you are asked to confirm your order by adding items to your basket first.

Product FAQ's

Can I use your products instead of treatments from my vet?
We are legally not allowed to sell you any product that is designed to treat any specific condition, therefore we recommend that you always follow the advice from your vet.

There are however vets who recommend our products to their clients, to use in conjunction with their treatment.

Can you use your products at the same time as treatment from the vets?
Our products are entirely safe to use in conjunction with treatment from your vet, with their agreement.

Can I use your products on other animals?
Our products have been designed to be used on the animal they are sold for.

We currently have products for Dogs, Cats and Horses.

Can your products be used on young animals?
Our Petnat products are all safe to be used on puppies over 12 weeks of age. Our Equinat products are all safe to be used on foals over 16 weeks of age.

Are your products safe to use on pregnant animals?
Most of our products are suitable for using on pregnant bitches and mares, however please check with the individual products FAQ's on each product page to confirm this.

If your horse/dog is nursing young, please do not apply any of our products (excluding colloidal silver) to any area where the foal or puppies might ingest it. Colloidal silver however is safe to use on young of any age.

Where can I find a list of ingredients?
We have general ingredients information with each product, We do not provide a specific ingredients list, as these are proprietary recipes, which are protected because they have taken us years to perfect, and we believe (and our customers agree) that they are superior to other products of their type currently on the market. Also as non-medicinal products, it is optional for them to be listed.

By protecting them, we are able to succeed as a small business, and continue to provide superior natural products to help your animals.

How do I know they are safe?
We have been successfully selling these products, and helping animals for over 17 years. All our products are carefully formulated with the finest and safest natural ingredients. As we sell our products worldwide, the formulations have also been disclosed to regulatory authorities, to allow our products to be exported, this includes the FDA who have assessed our products as safe to be imported for customers within the United States.

I don't know whether they will suit my pet?
Our products are formulated to be as hypoallergenic as possible, as many of our customers have animals with sensitive skin. However, we understand that animals can be allergic to even natural ingredients. This is why we recommend performing a patch test with all of our products before first use. We also offer a full money back guarantee. If you know a specific ingredient that your animal is allergic to, please email us for advice.

Product specific FAQ's

How do I know which product to choose for my dog?
If you have an itchy dog:

which product image

For specific FAQ's relating to an individual product, please visit the products own page, and click on the FAQ tab.