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It really works !

Aromaheel is fantastic . The only thing I've found to help with me horses mud fever . Would definitely recommend

relieved westie

shampoo bar soap is brilliant for our westie (charlieboy) stopped and cured his itchy skin, brilliant product, allso used ear cleaner and ear drops.
thank you once again. try them you won,t be disappointed

Dermacton Starter Pack
Neville Thomas
Starter Pack.

Our little man Buddy who has 1 mum and 10 fathers has a few issues with itchy skin etc. We were told by a person here in Australia to give your products a try. The soap works a treat and the spray/lotion is working well. His scratching/biting has almost stopped. Some of the other things we tried he had bad reactions to but this is excellent.


Love this product, I keep a tub of this on standby as my mare is prone to a bit of mud fever on her white hind legs. I keep a close eye on any scabs forming and use aromaheel if I notice the start of any scabs. The product gets to work quickly and efficiently. Great product, highly recommend. Thank you.


I love this product and have had delivery made to friends in UK that have a second home here in France who have kindly agreed to bring Aromaheel to me when they next come to visit. Such a shame that you cannot organise something maybe via Ireland (still in Eu) that would not incur huge import duties? So frustrating….

Itchy Ear Drops
Gillian Purchas

Experienced a great result for my dogs ears, after trying to clear them up with other treatments. Saw improvements within days of using Itchy ear drops.

MUD Starter Pack
MUD Starter Pack

Both the products in the MUD starter pack have been amazing for my horse, with the added positive of how lovely they smell. Will be keeping stocked up with both. Thanks Aromesse

Itchy Ear Drops
Susan Berry
Itchy ear drops

Recommended by our vet, this product helps us keep on top of an intractable skin problem. Thank you.

Excellent product

Fantastic cream for spots, itchy areas, inflammation. Stops itching & reduces redness.

Aroma-Mud Barrier Plus

Excellent product

To have colloidal Silver in my pocket gives me peace of mind for all eventualities. It's an excellent product & in a small spray is so useful

Dermacton Spray

I use this product on my 2 boxers chins and on their itchy paws. The product really works and I use it twice a week with great results

Silver Ear Cleaner
Gary Burnell
Silver Ear Cleaner

Use this product on my 2 boxers and there ears are always clean and free from irritation

Aller-Itch Spray
Jeannette Butler
Ear flaps

Early days with this product but it seems to be helping around the ear flaps for my setter who has skin allergies.


Great product to soften mud fever scabs for ease of removal and protecting the skin from wet muddy conditions….

super produit naturel

Hi, I love your dermacton, it smells very good, and my Pomeranian with BSD, starts to have hair after 12 weeks, so it is effective and I will recommend, I just wish I had the composition on the bottle or bar

Dermacton Starter Pack
Stefano Confalone
Good product

I used daily. At moment is a good product against BSD.

Dermacton soap bar & spray

I have 3 Pomeranian, 2 female and 1 male, my male Pomeranian loss fur when he 8 months old and bring to see vet many times still cannot cure until I found Dermacton soap bar, spray & cream, I shower my Pomeranian once a week with Dermacton soap bar after dry with cloth will apply Dermacton spray and massage his whole body. After six months my male Pomeranian’s fur have grow 90%. For my another two female Pomeranian having Seborrhea problem, after use the soap bar and spray have improved a lot. Dermacton is really good products. Last I hope in future Dermacton able to have distribution in my country (Malaysia) so that I can save in logistic charges.

Pomeranian Alopecia X / Black Skin Disease

I started using Dermacton Starter Pack on October 5th. Saw no results until December. Now (January) my pom is getting super fluffy plus his hair is super soft.
I recommend this product and dont lose hope, be patient. Its going to get worse until it gets better.

Great results

This cream is brilliant. I had a nasty cracked bleeding dry patch of skin which was healed within days using this. I’ve never had such a speedy result before and it smells lovely. This is a great product which I have already recommended to a close friend.

Dermacton Shampoo

Fantastic product, dogs smell amazing after using this shampoos. Their coats are so shiny after using this and helps with any itching.
Highly recommend.
And to top it off the ordering service is so easy and arrived so quickly after ordering.

Dermacton Starter Pack
Marina Befera

Dermacton Starter Pack


I have radiotherapy damaged skin on my neck which is dry and itchy, the cream is very soothing and helped with the itching.

Dermacton Starter Pack

After 2/3 treatments a day with the spray and cream + one weekly bath I finally see some results.
My dog is Pomeranian and suffered from stress (after dental treatment).
Mokambo has now no itch marks and fur ur finally showing signs of growth.

Dermascription - Excellent!!

My Niece suffers terribly with eczema. She has tried several different products but nothing seemed to work. We were recommended this product and I must say there has been a massive difference. Will definitely buy again

That's great to hear Donna. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know how it has helped your niece.