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Great Service

Great company reliable service prompt delivery the products are great healed a cut on paw in less than two weeks.

Good things come in little packages

So glad I’ve discovered these products,they’ve really helped my little Jack,he’s so much more comfortable than he was before and everyone’s been so helpful

Dermacton Spray for Itchy Dogs

I use this spray daily for my Staffie who suffers with allergy which causes very itchy skin. it is really good for calming the itch and rehydrating the skin and has helped get his symptoms under control and his skin, paws and fur are now better than ever. Highly recommended.

So thankful it worked!

I don’t see where I can share before and after pics. I would love to share them because they say it all. Chloe was miserable. She couldn’t stop chewing her itchy feet. They were bare of fur, scabby, red and inflamed. Dermacton creme and shampoo bar corrected all of that and her fur eventually grew back. I couldn’t be happier!

Dermacton Spray for Itchy Dogs


This shampoo bar, along with the cream and lotion works. I've tried every recommended products and vet treatments. Apoquil helped but is very expensive. Vet tests with no guarantee of a result would cost minimum of £500. Dermacton actually works. Three treatments brings results. My dog's itchy sore skin is soothed, the redness goes and she is much happier. I don't know if it will cure her but it manages her skin problems. And that is a godsend. Thankyou all those who created Dermacton products. My dog says Thankyou too.


It's a cliché but these products WORK! Over several months I tried all the recommended products on my dog. Vet treatments, antibiotics, apoquil, mite treatment, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, neem oil, tea tree oil, you get the picture. Effects were minimal and temporary. I don't know what caused my 12 year old dog to develope itchy, red skin. Food allergies, the loss of her soul mate, old age. ?? vet tests would cost at least £500. Money I don't have. And no guarantee of a diagnosis. So I tried the Dermacton trio. After three treatments I saw a result. Gradually my dog is recovering.

It Works!

I have a 7 year old Pomeranian that was loosing her fur due to BSD. After just 8 months I could see her fur growing back. She is now in full coat again. This spray works along with the soap shampoo and cream is you used it constantly on your dog.

Champú da muy buen resultado con alopecia usando cada 7 días. He probado usar con un perro de pelo sano y deja pelo muy sedoso, no hace falta ni un acondicionador.


Hi ! Thank you for this amazing product that I use once a week...

Best regards from Switzerland

Spitz tedesco nano senza più Alopecia X

Premetto che al mio Spitz tedesco nano, Thor, di soli 2 anni e mezzo era stata diagnosticata Alopecia X irreversibile. Senza rassegnarmi ho iniziato a fare ricerche su quali prodotti potessero aiutarlo. Dopo averne provati tanti in Italia, vidi che Aromesse vendeva questa linea e, Incredula, provai anche questa perché NATURALE!! Cosa molto importante poiché Thor aveva anche problemi di dermatite. Iniziammo la cura esattamente un anno fa ed oggi è un cane bellissimo, rinato, con tantissimo pelo morbido. Continuo a lavarlo solo con la saponetta apposita!! Che dire? Grazie infinite Aromesse ??


I purchased Aromaheel by chance on Amazon in the US a couple of years ago. I was living in WY and my Paint gelding came down with a horrible case of Scratches on his white nose….they called it Clover Fever. I can’t count the number of products I’ve gather in a lifetime of trying to cure scratches…none ever work. I was amazed how the Aromaheel worked and fairly rapidly. Since I’ve recently used for fly bite scabs on horses stomach. All cleared up w soft skin. I wish I’d bought more because now I cannot buy in USA.??

Itchy Dachshund

Our little mini girl dachshund has always suffered with terrible itching and dry skin. This product brings her so much relief and she is so much happier and healthier. We also changed her to a raw diet and she looks so lovely and shiny.
A great product.

Great product which actually works

I have used this product for a while now - it is a bit messy to use but I find it works better than expensive creams prescribed by the vet. Also like the fact that you can still turn out. I’ve used it on my Irish cob and more delicate-skinned warmblood/ISH and has been great for both.


Love the Dermacton Shampoo Bar and the other products...they are the BEST products on the market. Am so saddened and upset that they’ve been blocked here in the US. Praying desperately for change soon. Miss your products so much!

Useful complement to the Dermacton cream

I have a Pomeranian suffering from BSD.
The Dermacton spray, like the cream, smells quite strongly. However, the spray soothes my Pom's skin a treat when it is very itchy. Also, the spray's the only thing that keep her from gnawing at the inside of her front legs. The spray has the right fluid texture for use on areas with hair on them (as opposed to the cream, meant to be used on bare skin areas). After a few months'use, my Pom's hair started growing in where none had ever grown. We're only halway through our journey to full hair recovery at this stage, but we're very optimistic.

Works a treat

I have a Pomeranian suffering from BSD.
The Dermacton cream, like the shampoo bar, smells quite strongly of lavender and other essential oils. The nourishing ingredients in the cream soothe the skin a treat when it looks and feels dry (my Pom's skin is especially dry and itchy on the day following shampoo day, and I also use other, more moisturizing products from other brands to complement the Dermacton range). After a few months'use, her hair started growing in where none had ever grown. We're only halway through our journey to full hair recovery at this stage, but we're very optimistic.

There's more to this shampoo than meets the eye

I have a Pomeranian suffering from BSD.
The Dermacton shampoo bar is a surprising product: Despite its unappealing look (very brown, unlike other shampoo bars) and smell (quite strong), the Dermacton shampoo bar sort of exfoliates the skin gently but amazingly efficiently (be ready for massive hair loss before regrowth). This is definitely the product I was looking for to help renew and bring oxygen to my pup's skin. After a few months, her hair started growing in where none had ever grown. We're only halway through our journey to full hair recovery at this stage, but we're very optimistic.

Only cream that works for my dog with grass allergies , licks and chews herself red raw and this has stopped it , amazing stuff, wish I found it sooner ,saved a lot of trips to the vets . Thanks

This really works

My GSD gets irritation on one hind foot between her toes sometimes. I have no idea what causes it but I use a combination of silver gel followed by Dermacton cream and immediately she stops biting and licking her foot. I do that twice or three times a day for a couple of days and the skin between her toes clears right up. Unfortunately until I find the cause it does come back but that combo clears it right up, I just wish I could find what causes it.

MUD Starter Pack
Amazing products I recommend to everyone

Aromaheel is the only thing that soothes and clears away my 4 white socked mare's mudfever. So simple to use and effective.
Aromamud is a very effective barrier that ensured last winter the mudfever didn't come back.


Super product! It really works immediately!!!

Smells nice not sure as to effectiveness

Both products smell nice and the soap does clean my English Bulldog very well but did not stop her itching and soon after using, she started losing a lot of hair though I can’t say it was the soap or cream that did it but certainly didn’t prevent it or help. The cream seems to be soothing for her itchy red skin though it also did not stop the constant scratching nor improve the red inflamed areas. A change in diet with added supplements showed the biggest improvement in her health. The items are also very expensive and as yet I have not reordered.

MUD Starter Pack

I was happy with the contents themselves but after the first use of the mud barrier, the pump stopped working so I was unable to use it.
The aroma heel was very good.

Dermacton Spray.. Use this and the soap

I use the soap bar and this spray when needed. In between bathtime.
Spray on feet too. And pads.
Brilliant spray