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A sorry tail

My boy was chewing his tail so much; it was raw.
The cream and spray were so good within days it was dry and scab free.
So happy with the products

Dermacton Salve

Brilliant product for my Westie’s sore feet - they were raw, bald, black and limited her ability to walk.
I applied the salve at bedtime, wrapped her in a big towel for 20 mins to allow cream to soak in. Four days later they were completely healed.
The fur has grown back and we resumed our walks again.

MUD Starter Pack
Julie Swinford
Get ready to prevent mud fever

Having had problems with mud fever in the past. I get my starter pack before the weather gets wet , so hopefully prevent rather than cure . If I see any spots of it I’m ready to stop it spreading 😁

Black skin disease on westie.

Dog has been suffering from BSD for a year now. Nothing else worked. Just over a week on this and he’s pinking up again.

Dermacton shampoo bar

I order theis for my Jack Russell who was suffering from Itch scratch syndrome, I first used the product years ago for a elderly Westie who had a terrible skin problem it was like a miracle, I can highly recommend the product.

Dermacton Cream for Itchy Dogs
Bruna Bueno Da Silva

Dermacton Cream for Itchy Dogs

Aroma Pre-itch SPRAY
Sarah Collins

Wonderful stuff as always 🥰


Excellent product works well, repeat purchases guaranteed

Nice easy to use product

A very easy to use product for itchy ears. Seemed to soothe quickly and cause no irritation in chronically itchy ears.

Westie's skin helped - and mine!

Used Dermacton Shampoo Bar for years after a recommendation - really helped our beautiful westie's skin - and I use it too for mine! And Aromesse are so helpful when contacted. All the stuff in the vet for allergic skin did not help in fact made her skin worse but thank god we found this shampoo bar. also the dermacton cream is fantastic too.

Aromaheel Mud Scab Remover
Llynette Jenkins
Excellent product

Been using this product for a few years, it's something I am never without. Has been beneficial on mumerous occassion healing mud fever.

Works like magic!

My son's 18 mth old CavaPoo came to stay for 2 weeks. Her ears were irritating her, he said.
I used the silver ear cleaner for just 3 days and the problem was completely solved.
I keep this and the itchy ear drops handy for my 11 yr old Westie, they even heal mild ear infections too.
I bought more of both to send home with my son and a happy ‘Olive’ 🐶🐾

Forget the rest this is the best!!

We foster/adopt West Highland Terriers. Due to poor ownership, some do come in with skin problems. Demacton was recommended to me, and it has been a godsend. Not only does it provide the antibacterial part to get rid of the infections, it’s smells good too.
Our dog groomer has now taken to using it on her dogs who also have skin problems. Cannot recommend the Aromessance Products highly enough

Spray relief for itch.

The itch parts of the skin that my dog who is getting on in years was suffering has definitely calmed down using this spray on a regular basis.

very fast getting product!

Shampoo massage brush

This brush is great. It really helps get the shampoo into my dog’s coat. I would definitely recommend it. 5*

Aroma Pre-itch SPRAY
Victoria Leak

Aroma Pre-itch SPRAY

Dermacton Spray for Itchy Dogs
rosemary george. Barley
It’s the best one on the market

As I said it’s definitely the best on the market, the only downer for me is Bumble hates the smell and runs and rolls around the house


Wouldn’t be without it

It smell a lot for the dog.

Thé product smells strong for the dog. He rubs his eyes after. You should make a product less strong

Aromaheel Mud Scab Remover
Heather Loughlin
The wonder pot!

Owning an Appaloosa with sensitive skin, I couldn’t be without Aromaheel. It’s the only thing which tackles mud fever. We’ve not had issues in quite a few years since discovering Aromaheel. This summer, however, the magic pot worked its wonders again as Dash had quite bad sunburn on his pastern during the really hot spell. 3 weeks of Aromaheel and it is now completely clear and it was quite a bad burn. I still have some of the pot left. It really does do the job!! Cleared up the burn just in time for our return to British Eventing.

Aroma Pre-itch roll on
Beverley Kirkham
Itchy patch on horses neck

My gelding had rubbed a patch on his neck till it was slightly bleeding and no hair left. I applied the roll on and he stopped itching and the hair is now growing back nicely.

Dermacton Starter Pack
christian REGA
Byron , mon terre-neuve de 8 ans et demi .

Ce traitement est un vrai succès . Mon terre-neuve était dans un très mauvais état : de grandes plaques sans poil sur le corps , plus de poil à l'arrière des pattes ni sur la queue depuis 2 ans. En 3 mois , il a récupéré son poil et une belle peau . J'ai commencé le traitement avec le starter pack . Puis , j'ai recommandé les produits au fur et à mesure que nous avions un résultat . Je continue à utiliser le shampoing .

Silver Ear Cleaner
lisa eccles
Super Product- Amazing !!

I starting using this product over six month ago and its fantastic, it softens all the debris in the ears which make the cleaning of the ears easy and pain free.. Would highly recommend !!!

Dermacton Starter Pack
Jackie Griffiths

Dermacton Starter Pack