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Dermacton Starter Pack
Zorica Andrijašević
Great product

I am using the bar, Spray and cream for my pomeranian. Waching his hit growing day by day.

Soap Supreme

I love using this soap for both of my dogs because I can feel safe knowing it doesn't cause any irritation, relieves itchy paws, smells gorgeous and is so easy to more battling to squeeze shampoo out of a bottle when you've got wet hands!

Dermacton Spray for Itchy Dogs
marie christine albano
super produit

mon spitz nain a une belle fourrure tres satisfaite

Dermacton Duo - Itchy Dog Shampoo & Spray

Itchy Ear Drops
Christine Moore
Itchy Ear

Our puppy kept scratching his ear and was making it bleed.
We used these drops and 2 days later he stopped scratching.
Brilliant stuff.
Highly recommend.

Aroma-Mud Barrier Plus
Maria Stella Haley
Aroma Mudd Barrier

Quality product does what is says on the tin. Amazing results, works hand in hand with Aromaheel.
Like so many horses, my horse suffered serious mud fever last winter, he was confined to his stable for 4 months. Eventually he was allowed out in field in April.
I have continually used the Aromaese products and have had very little scabs thankfully no weeping. I highly recommend Aromaease products.



Dermacton Starter Pack
Rosey Salisbury
Dermacton starter pack

I am a foster carer of re-homed West Hghland Terriers (Westies) unfortunately 3 of them have come into recue with bad skin. My first Westie was in a terrible state he was licking and biting day and night making his skin bleed and be very sore. Dermacton was recomended to me by one of the charities as the medication the vet at the time was giving him was doing more damage than good. I tried bathing him regular using the soap bar and using the spray/cream in between until his skin improved immensely and the hair grew back. Now as soon as I see any of the dogs scratch I go straight to the Dermacton products and all baths are done using the soap. Thank you so much aromesse

Aromaitch cream

Excellent stuff! Soothed hot, itchy skin immediately. It also stopped a reaction to horse fly bite on me.

Dermacton Soap Bar

I've been using the soap bar for 4wks now. My Shetland Sheep Dog had major hair loss on his chest, legs and patches on his back, he also scratched a lot and chewed his paws. Since using the dermacton once a week I have seen an improvement all be it a slight one. His scratching has all but stopped and skin is much better. I'm now starting to see hair growth on his chest and legs. Great product, will last for ages. Works better than what I paid a fortune for at vets.

Dermacton for my Westie a MUST!

Have been using these products on my my westie, George (now 13) for many, many years. He started getting skin issues at 18 months old. They’ve helped hugely. Have just added the new allergy spray into my recent order. I always have plenty in the house. These products are a MUST!

Dermacton spray, shampoo bar and cream.

Had been use Dermacton spray, shampoo bar and cream many years for my 3 Pomeranian and have very good results.

Brilliant, Dermacton spray actually works, spent so much money on other products so great, will definitely buy again, my dog says thank you.

Dermacton Starter Pack
Lyubima Dimitrova

Dermacton Starter Pack

The only solution

Great product, it solved a problem some Vets didn’t solve.


La mia cagnolina Aurora grazie ai vostri prodotti ga rimesso tutto il pelo , consigliatissimo

Dermacton Shampoo Bar

This is an excellent product. My dog now has noticeably silky healthy looking fur and is not licking her paws anymore. I will buy this again when it runs out - which won’t be for ages as it lathers up really well with just a small amount.

Dreamy bath time!

Eddie absolutely adores the soap. Stands serenely for the 5 minutes. He was on a tea tree oil shampoo before and this seems more nourishing and gentle.
He's not a big fan of being moistured, I think as his skin is sore. There's no hair regrowth yet but his skin is slowly starting to look healthier- it's been just 3 weeks.

Aromaheel Mud Scab Remover
Rachel Scott R Scott
Amazing !!!

I rarely write reviews but I am amazed at how good this product is, my horse is currently turned away at grass for the summer and I noticed that he suddenly had quite a bit of bad mud fever (which he is prone to in winter) on one of his back legs, as he is turned away from the yard I was worried as I had no facilities to keep him in and wash his legs etc, I ordered aromaheel and it arrived the next day, I applied the cream liberally without any prior washing and couldn’t believe my eyes today when I went back to apply more, the scabs have completely gone already…..less than 24 hours it’s taken aromaheel to clear them, I’ve applied more cream to continue with the healing process but I am very happy with the results as I was expecting to have trouble shifting it with him being out full time and knowing how his mud fever usually in throughout winter, aromaheel will be my go to cream for mud fever now, wish I’d found it sooner !!!

Dermacton Starter Pack

Shampoo Massage Brush
Richard Van de rijt
This really works

I'm now 4 months my dog has her wow again

pack dermacton

very good product with effects after 4 weeks. thanks a lot.

Dermacton Spray for Itchy Dogs
Aline Gomes de arruda

I really liked the product


Wonderful and amazing smells

Dermacton Starter Pack
Marina Van Wijngaarden
From bald to a dog with hair

I am very satisfied with the product. My dog ​​has black skin disease and is going bald. Since I started using Dermaton, his hair grows back completely within weeks. I recommend it to everyone!