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Aromaheel Mud Scab Remover 200g


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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "An amazing product. I have been using this for over 10 years and nothing is better or kinder for the horse to fix mud scabs"
  • Totally Unique with Guaranteed Results!
  • Quick, Easy & Pleasant to use and Natural
  • Painlessly & Quickly softens and removes scabs
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal
  • Soothes sore areas on heels and body
  • Works even when your horse is turned out

Highly effective and proven natural ointment which quickly and painlessly removes mud and rain scabs in horses. Also offers natural antibacterial protection against further problems of rain and mud without affecting healthy skin. Aromaheel is easy to use & even horses who have previously not tolerated products being applied, find our ointment very soothing!

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  • Nebora' Before and After Aromaheel
  • Nebora' Before and After Aromaheel
  • Millie' before and after 6 weeks of using Aromaheel
  • Josie' before and after 7 weeks of using Aromaheel
  • Cheyanne' before and after 6 weeks of using Aromaheel

Before and after photos for Aromaheel Mud Scab Remover.

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What are the benefits of Aromaheel Mud Scab Remover?

  • Painlessly & Quickly softens and removes scabs from the heels and body
    Softens scabs within days & will painlessly wipe away
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal
    High quality 100% pure essential oils & herbal extracts hand selected for their antibacterial and antifungal properties will help protect your horse against the harmful effects of the wet & mud & keep your horse scab free!
  • Soothes sore areas 
    Powerful but gentle, soothing sore & broken skin
  • Helps the natural healing process of healthy skin behind the scab
    Our product not only gets on top of the mud scabs but also helps to repair the damaged skin behind the scab
  • Works even when your horse is turned out
    Aromaheel is a 100% barrier product, you do not need to keep your horse in whilst using it. Nor do you need to wash it off, in fact we advise against washing as much as possible.
  • Quick, Easy & Pleasant to use and Natural
    Results usually within days, easy to apply and horses usually find it very soothing when applied to sore skin.
  • Unconditional 60 day Money-Back Guarantee
    Try this product risk free for 60 days.  More information here.


What Is Aromaheel Mud Scab Remover For?

Aromaheel is proven to protect your horse against the harmful effects of the wet and mud, even with prolonged exposure. No more picking at scabs - with Aromaheel, they soften and drop off after a couple of days, allowing the bacterial ointment to reach the skin. The Aromaheel then soothes the sore skin, and the extraordinary natural properties of the essential oils, safely and effectively encourage natural regeneration of healthy tissue, and promote rapid hair regrowth.

Aromaheel is a thick ointment, which keeps the skin supple, and provides an effective barrier against the wet and mud, which means that your horse does not need to be kept in, and can continue to be turned out if required.

Even horses who have previously objected to their heels being treated with other products, soon appreciate the soothing properties of the Aromaheel, which makes scab-removal less painful for your horse and a lot easier for you!

If you are looking for a preventative against mud problems, we would recommend our ‘Aroma-mud barrier PLUS’.


Customer Reviews

Based on 186 reviews
Arabella Moore
The best cream for mud fever

I buy lots of this. We have thoroughbreds, they are turned out daily in wet Devon through the winter and inevitably they get mud fever scabs on their legs. I brush off dry, loose mud etc in the morning and apply cream to clean dry scabs before they go out. This softens the scabs so that you can gently rub them off. The cream then protects and heals the pink sore skin. Once no longer sore I use the oil to protect. The oil attracts less mud etc. With any cream you inevitably get mud or bedding etc stuck to it. You have to just brush off when dry. I avoid water as much as possible but find the right balance is to wash the whole lot off with a good shampoo, or the shampoo bar from this company, every few days using warm water to further soften and remove as many scabs as possible. Then dry with a towel and bandage over night with soft clean stable bandages so everything is warm and dry. Next morning re-apply cream and carry on for a few days. It also helps to cut hair around the fetlocks short, or clip it, so that you can get the cream down to the skin and not have clumps of cream coated hair just getting in the way. You can use it for any similar scabs (eg rain-scald on any part of the body). Don't know where I would be without it to be honest! Works much better than sudocrem or anything else that is available in my local saddlers. There is only one other cream on the market that works as well, but that cream is mega sticky so it attracts too much foreign material for my liking. Hence I now use Aromaheel all the time.

Chris Sears

It works

Teresa Chandler

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this product worked as well as the marketing claimed. Persistent scabs that my horse has under his pasterns cleared after the third application. Very impressed!

Felicity Roos

Works exactly as described. Nice gentle product that removes scabs and provides a protective barrier.

Repeat purchase of aromaheel

We come back to aromaheel every year to help with mud rash and it works. Gives a good barrier and catches any problems early. We continue to use it until the risk has passed. Thank you


We would recommend our Aromaheel product for any horses with:

  • Any sores, scabs and or weeping areas on the heels or body, caused by mud and wet. It is also very successful for using on the scabs and sores caused by photosensitivity

If your horse doesn’t have scabs but are worried about the effects of being stood in wet muddy fields we would recommend using our amazing product called ‘Aroma-mud Barrier Plus’ offering outstanding barrier protection with powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties.


How To Use Aromaheel Mud Scab Remover

Aromaheel is quick, easy and pleasant to use in one simple step, and requires no bandaging or washing. It is effective for use on your horse's heels, legs and body.

  1. Apply a thick layer of ointment over any scabs, ensuring they are completely covered.
  2. Reapply daily and after a couple of days the scabs should have softened and will just wipe away.
  3. Keep applying the Aromaheel to the skin underneath until it has stopped weeping and repaired itself and hair regrowth has occurred.

PLEASE NOTE: The Aromaheel is designed to be used without the need for bandaging, however if for any reason you need to bandage, please ensure that the hair and skin underneath is kept completely dry. As the Aromaheel is a 100% barrier product, you do not need to keep your horse in whilst using it. Nor do you need to wash it off, in fact we advise against washing as much as possible.


What is Aromaheel suitable for?

Aromaheel is for any sores, scabs and or weeping areas on the heels or body, caused by mud and wet. It is also very successful for using on the scabs and sores caused by photosensitivity.

How often do I need to apply it?

Initially apply the Aromaheel thickly once or twice a day to all scabs. For future applications, either wipe away any excess first, or apply more ointment over the top. Once the scabs have come off, and the weeping has stopped, you will be able to apply less, and gently rub it in.

Do I need to wash it off?

NO. Please avoid over washing, as this may exacerbate the problem and encourage it to spread. Only wash if absolutely necessary, and no more than once a week, and even then use a gentle preferably antibacterial such as our Equinat Itchy Horse Shampoo, and ensure that the skin is dry, before reapplying the Aromaheel.

How much Aromaheel will I need?

How much you will need depends on many things including how large the affected area is, how many legs it is on, how often you need to apply it, the conditions your horse is turned out in etc If your horse has only a small problem, one jar should be enough, but if it is a bigger problem you may need more jars. Either way you should definitely see results from the first jar.

The important thing is to use enough initially to get the scabs off, so that so the ointment can reach the skin and bacteria underneath. Using more initially means using less in the long term. You can also protect the rest of the leg with our ‘Aroma-mud Barrier Plus’ to reduce the chances of spreading.

How do I stop it reoccurring?

After the scabs have come off, ensure that you keep applying a thick layer of ointment until the weeping has stopped to prevent more scabs from reforming.

When the skin has healed we would recommend using our Aroma-mud over this new skin for barrier protection. If your horse is in wet and muddy conditions, you may also need to protect the rest of your horse’s legs with Aroma-mud to prevent a further outbreak or spreading.

How do I stop it spreading?

When applying the Aromaheel ensure you cover the very edges of the scabs, to stop the sores spreading outwards.

Whilst treating the scabs, you may want to protect the rest of the legs with our Aroma-mud Barrier Plus, so that new scabs don’t develop in other areas. The bacteria will try and penetrate any vulnerable skin eg. from injury, soreness or chapping.

Also, when brushing your horses’ legs, be extremely gentle and avoid brushing from affected to unaffected areas, and avoid sharing grooming equipment with other horses. Dispose of the scabs carefully. And most importantly avoid over washing!

What is in the Aromaheel?

The Aromaheel contains a blend of pure essential oils especially selected for their soothing and antibacterial properties in a barrier ointment base. This recipe is so successful that the formulation has always been the same since it first went on sale in 2004.

I have a sensitive horse, could he be allergic to it?

Aromaheel is usually suitable for any horse, but if you have a particularly sensitive horse, or a horse allergic to tea tree oil, we recommend a double patch test using a small amount on an unaffected area first on the body (not the legs).

What is the shelf life of the Aromaheel?

The Aromaheel will keep for at least 1 year, after this time its effectiveness may be reduced.

How does your money-back guarantee work?

Our money back guarantee, is a 100% no quibble guarantee, so you can try the Aromaheel on your horse in full confidence that if you aren’t delighted with the results we will refund you in full without question.

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