Charities We Support

At Aromesse we are all extremely passionate about animals and care greatly about the welfare of animals both here in the UK and Worldwide. Charities all over the world do an amazing job helping animals in need who have been neglected or are suffering, and put in hours of their time and money to ensure they are healthy enough to find new homes. We have immense respect for this hard work and are glad to be able to support their work in every way we can.

How do we help?
The animals often come into the charities with existing skin irritations and sores, particularly in countries like Nepal and Sri Lanka. These irritations, sores and hair loss can need intensive rehabilitation, which can be extremely costly to the organisation. To show our support, we help in a variety of ways including sending product donations to help the animals find their forever homes as quickly as possible.

Discounts for Charities
We also offer a 15% discount to all registered charities who would like to purchase our products directly to have ready at hand.

We support a variety of charities and rescues directly. If you know of an animal that needs our help, or you work for a charity or rescue organisation please get in touch with us and we will offer the best support and advice directly.

Some of the main charities we have helped can be found below, these are based both here in the UK and abroad.

Charities Aromesse Supports Overseas

Animal SOS - Sri Lanka

This is a UK registered charity which was formed in 2007 after many years of self-funding rescue work had already been undertaken to help the street animals of Sri Lanka.

Animal Welfare Society of Trikak - Greece

A shelter which was set up after an original animal shelter based in Trikala was closed down in 2007 and many animals left with no help.

Saving Romanian Strays

Set up in 2014 by volunteers, this charity helps stray dogs in Romania often finding them homes here in the UK.

Charities Aromesse Supports in the UK

Bichon Frise Rescue

Established in the 1970's this rescue is a Kennel club recognised non profit organisation which specialise in the fostering and rehoming of Bichon Frise.

ESSW - English Springer Spaniel Welfare

Recognised by the kennel club as a breed specific welfare and rescue organisation which was formed in 1990. An organisation who aims to support the prevention of cruelty to English Springer Spaniels and help find suitable homes when needed.

Hope Pastures Equine Rescue

A registered charity based in Leeds who was originally set up in 1974 to help horses and ponies being abused, this was then altered in 2004 to helping horses, ponies and donkeys where ever possible.

MTAR - Many Tears Animal Rescue

An animal rescue based in Carmarthenshire, Wales and have dogs in foster homes throughout the UK. Established in 2004 they primarily rescue ex-breeding dogs which are no longer wanted.

Mayflower Sanctuary

Opened in 2003 Mayflower Sanctuary is based near Doncaster. They are a kennel who take in dogs and cats for various reasons, care for them and find them new homes.

Westies In Need

A West Highland Terrier rescue who takes dogs into foster homes until they are able to find them a new start in life.

Westie Rehoming

A charity dedicated to the welfare and rehoming of West Highland Terriers.