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Colloidal Silver Spray 100ml


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Highly effective but gentle antibacterial spray for sensitive skin for all animals
  • Entirely Natural
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal
  • High Quality - contains 20ppm of 99.9% pure silver
  • A handy spray bottle for ease of application
  • Hundreds of uses, including cleaning wounds
  • Safe to use on mucous membranes & around eyes

High quality silver spray, which is incredibly effective but gentle at the same time. Perfect for sensitive areas of skin. It is non-caustic, non-stinging & there is no known resistance! Naturally antibacterial and antifungal making it invaluable for cleaning wounds & minor irritations for dogs, horses & cats. (and humans too!)

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What are the benefits of Colloidal Silver Spray?

  • Entirely Natural
  • Colloidal silver is composed of minute pure silver particles suspended in purified water
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal
  • Silver is naturally antibacterial and antifungal making it an excellent spray for irritations & for keeping wounds clean.
  • High Quality - contains 20ppm of 99.9% pure silver
  • Colloidal silver is sold by ‘Parts per million’ making ours very high quality!
  • A handy spray bottle for ease of application
  • Easy to apply to the affected area and can also be sprayed on cotton wool for cleaning wounds & eyes.
  • Hundreds of uses, including cleaning wounds
  • There is so many uses for colloidal silver from cleaning wounds to deodorising shoes!!!
  • Safe to use on mucous membranes & around eyes
  • A great product to use on super sensitive areas!


What Is Colloidal Silver Spray For?

Colloidal silver is a natural antibacterial and antifungal product, consisting of microscopic particles of pure silver, held in suspension within purified water. Its strength is measured by ppm – parts per million.

Colloidal silver is practically tasteless, odourless and its main benefit is that it is safe to use anywhere. It can be applied to delicate mucous membranes and used around the eyes, with no irritation because it is extremely gentle and does not sting.

It is suitable for using on horses, dogs, cats and humans too!

Colloidal silver has many well-documented uses, which include:

  • Pets – minor cuts, abrasions, cleaning wounds, cleaning eyes, skin irritations, whelping & puppies.
  • Humans – sunburn, sore skin, sore smelly feet, insect bites, minor cuts & abrasion, sore eyes, skin irritations, babies etc.
  • Household – mildew, cut flower water, cleaning, plant foliage, disinfecting.

Here at Aromesse we swear by colloidal silver and use it regularly on ourselves and our pets, especially if anyone here is feeling run down and sniffly! It is also a must to take on any holiday.

Technical Information

Our silver spray is a high-quality spray with antibacterial & antifungal properties, for a multitude of safe external uses.  The quality of the spray is very important, and has a great effect on its’ efficacy.  It takes one particle of silver to disable 1 pathogen.  So, it is important, not just how many ppm the silver is, but also how many particles the silver has been divided into.  The more silver particles there are within it, the more there are to attack bacteria and viruses.

Our colloidal silver is of the highest quality and is composed of ionic and colloidal silver particles for maximum external efficacy against bacteria and funguses.  It is crystal clear representing its high quality and small particle size.

The complex generator used to manufacture our silver spray is specifically designed to consistently produce particle sizes ranging from .001 to .005 microns.   Now for the technical bit…. this small particle size is achieved by using a constant current source, as opposed to a constant voltage source. ie the power source can reduce the voltage in order to maintain current flow at a preset maximum value.  If there is too much current flow, the particles become too large and not colloidal.  

A well-made low ppm colloidal silver is often better than a poorly made, high ppm colloidal silver.  With our product you get the best of both, a high quality silver spray with a strength of 20ppm

Every batch of silver spray we produce is individually quality tested to make it reaches our high quality standards.


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Margaret Espie
brilliant product

I use this for various things from spraying on to a cotton ball to wipe out the dogs ears before applying her ear drops to using on any cuts or abrasions. wouldn't be without it.

Miraculous product

Colloidal spray is a complete game changer for one of my dogs who has suffered with interdigital cysts for years - these were so bad the vet was talking about worst case scenario - removing part of my dogs paw pad if this constant issue persisted, as it had for almost 1 year. Tried this product to spray the infected area between his pads after one particularly bad infection…2 days later the vet couldn’t believe the change - swelling going down and infection clearing fast.
That was 2 years ago and I noticed a slight paw swelling again, sprayed every couple of hours all around his paw and also every time he had been out. Hey presto, came to nothing.
I swear by this product. It’s been amazing for my poor wee boy.

Sadie Champion
Great product

I read online about the benefits of colloidal silver spray, and after trying everything the vet prescribed with little improvement, I decided to try it. My spaniel Daisy had nasty lesions down her neck, believed to be a carcinoma. Nothing the vets tried were drying it up. After a few days using colloidal silver spray, the lesions started to dry out. After 3 weeks, Daisy's neck is almost completely healed - so well that I'm questioning the original diagnosis.

Mrs S

I trust this brand and get good results with my yorkie. I use this to keep her eyes clean and it does a brilliant job. I slso use their soap bar...amazing stuff and cleared my pups itchy, flaky skin.
Thank you for providing such excellent products.

Paula Doddemeade
Excellent product

Used it to wipe my dogs ears as she suffers with irritation. It has cleared it up and kept it clear!!! Fantastic results thanks


Colloidal silver is perfect for animals for :

  • Cleaning wounds
  • Abrasions
  • Bites
  • Sores
  • Rashes
  • Burns
  • Whelping & new-born puppies
  • Safe on mucous membranes
  • Cleaning around the eyes
  • And more …..
  • Can be used on ALL animals & humans alike!

The uses are endless! Here are a few more alternative uses …

  • Humans – sunburn, sore skin, sore smelly feet, insect bites, minor cuts & abrasion, sore eyes, skin irritations, babies etc.
  • Household – mildew, cut flower water, cleaning, plant foliage, disinfecting.

If you think you may need a little extra help with healing minor wounds etc. we would recommend our ‘Ultrasalve’ first-aid ointment available for both dogs and horses.


How To Use Colloidal Silver Spray

  • Simply spray directly onto affected area, or moisten a cotton swab, and leave in contact for a few minutes, or alternatively moisten a dressing with colloidal silver and cover.


What should I use Colloidal Silver for?

Use colloidal silver anywhere where you want to fight off bacteria and germs.

Is there anything I shouldn’t use it for?

No. It can be used for anything that doesn’t require veterinary intervention. That’s the great thing about colloidal silver – it can be used anywhere!

What Does Colloidal Silver Contain?

Colloidal silver contains minute particles of 99.9% pure silver (not visible to the human eye) in pure water. It contains nothing else. Its strength is measured in parts per million (ppm), and our colloidal silver is 20ppm.

How Often Can I use it?

Colloidal silver spray can be used as frequently as required. It is often beneficially to use it every few hours initially.

How do I store the colloidal silver?

It doesn’t need any special storage. Aromesse colloidal silver is made to the highest quality and stability, with super-fine silver particles, which is why it doesn’t need to be stored in a glass bottle.

What is the shelf life of this product?

This product will keep for 12 months from purchase if stored in a cool place.

Can you be allergic to the Colloidal Silver?

It’s extremely rare for any animal or human to be allergic to colloidal silver, but don’t use it if there is any known silver allergy.

Can it be used on other animals?

Yes. This product is safe to use on Dogs, Cats, Horses and more. We are not aware of any animals that colloidal silver can’t be used on.

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