Dermascription Intensive Skin Cream for humans


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Amazing HALF PRICE Introductory Offer! - for a limited period only
"I had a nasty cracked bleeding dry patch of skin which was healed within days using this"
  • Natural with NO steroids
  • Perfect for skin prone to Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Rapidly soothes & calms irritated & itchy skin
  • Rich and Highly Nourishing for Dry Skin
  • Fantastic for smoothing scars
  • Small amount goes a LONG way, and easily absorbed

Our NEW human product!! - Breakthrough Formulation!
We are so excited to introduce you to the first of our new human range! - Dermascription, an intensive natural cream which quickly calms itchy irritated skin, and deeply moisturises very dry skin.  Also suitable for skin prone to eczema and psoriasis, and fantastic for smoothing scars.

Using all the knowledge and experience we've gained over the past 20 years, with our leading Petnat Dermacton range for animals with skin problems, we are proud to be now able to help your skin too! with this fantastic product.  It is the highest quality cream, with all natural luxurious and exotic ingredients.  There are no fillers, and every ingredient has been carefully chosen for its skin soothing and superior moisturising properties, and each has had to earn its place in this special cream.

We have already had some amazing feedback and results from this cream, so we are sure you will all love it as much.  Please share your results with us, we would love to see them.


    What are the benefits of Dermascription Intensive Cream?

    • Highly Effective
      A unique formulation that works even where other products have failed. An effective natural alternative for your problem skin.
    • Suitable for All Skin Types
      Dermascription has been developed for all skin types and particularly skin prone to redness and eczema. This intensive cream is suitable to use anywhere on the body, but it is not recommended for using on the face
    • Natural Ingredients
      Our Dermascription contains only the highest quality natural ingredients and is perfect for sensitive skin.
    • Works rapidly to stop itching & calm sore irritated skin
      The ingredients in the Dermascription have been carefully selected for their fantastic anti-itch, soothing properties, and skin moisturising properties
    • Highly moisturising, non-greasy cream which is easily absorbed
      Petroleum free base means easy application & quick to soak in, where it can get deep into the skin and do its magic
    • Quick, Easy and Pleasant to use
      A pleasant smelling cream, that is easily dispensed from our fabulous airless container, which also keeps it fresh. Easily applied directly to affected areas.
    • Antibacterial & Antifungal
      Contains 100% pure essential oils & herbal extracts which are naturally antibacterial & antifungal


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Janice Harding

    I am currently suffering from itchy, sore skin, which my GP shrugged off , saying it was very common in older ladies. In desperation, I turned to Aromesse, as a dog I used to have, responded brilliantly to Dermacton soap, to clear him of an itchy skin, caused by yeast, after numerous visits to the Vets and many different medications, none of which worked. I was absolutely delighted to find that they now have a cream for humans, Dermascription, and it works very well, and quickly, to relieve my sore, itchy skin. Thank you, Aromesse!

    Sue Millard
    Dermascription Intensive Skin Cream for humans?

    Lovely cream. Skin felt hydrated and glowed.
    Used it on a small facial scar.....results are great so far. Will be purchasing again.

    Emma White

    Absolutely love this product. I suffer with eczema as this takes out the itch and within 3-4 days it has almost gone.

    Pretty Good Stuff

    I bought two of these as I had suffered as a child with this very badly, and now, as a woman in my early 50’s this comes and flares up often out of nowhere. I have suffered with psoriasis on my feet for a few years now - this stated when I was affected with a severely bad situation which was very stressful / it was odd as I had never ever had it on my feet / on my soles and the side of one of my feet, so deeply challenging especially when flares up! This has helped. My psoriasis isn’t bad anywhere else on my body with the exception of a tiny tot on one of my elbows. So this is being used a few times a day. It’s pretty good and smells good too.,Shall keep using this in conjunction with polytar. Definitely worth a try. I’m an avid user of the dog care range too. Most impressed all round!

    Dee D'e
    Great results

    This cream is brilliant. I had a nasty cracked bleeding dry patch of skin which was healed within days using this. I’ve never had such a speedy result before and it smells lovely. This is a great product which I have already recommended to a close friend.


    Contains the highest quality natural ingredients, sourced from across the world.
    A proprietary recipe of 30 different precious oils and herbal extracts plus the highest quality pure essential oils, in a natural cream base.


    This cream comes in a fantastic airless dispenser! Simply press very gently on the white dispenser top, and a small amount of cream will be dispensed, without any waste. It is highly intensive, so only a small amount is needed

    Apply a small amount of the cream to effected areas on the body, and gently rub in . This product is suitable for using anywhere externally except for the face.
    This product has an 18 months 'use by date' from the date of manufacture, and this will be clearly shown on the base of the jar.