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Aller-itch Spray for Dogs with Allergies


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  • Natural Itch Relief
  • Calms Itching & Irritations from Allergies
  • Colloidal Silver Based
  • Non-Greasy Spray
  • Alcohol Free
  • 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

A fantastic spray for dogs who specifically suffer from itching and scratching from allergies. This is a non-greasy product which gentle herbal extracts and essential oils in a Colloidal Silver base. This product offers fantastic value for money.

If you have a dog with a more troublesome skin problem, with sore or damaged skin, we recommend that you also check out our Dermacton range of products.

To help you choose which is the best product for your dog, we have a handy guide below under the section 'Is this suitable for my dog' A trial size of this product is also available for purchase on our minis & samples page.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Margaret Espie

Found this spray to be a godsend for my Labradors skin as she has allergies to pollen. The dermatologist wanted to put her on monthly injections but I decided to go the natural route and treat her with this spray and the shampoo bar and so far I have been able to keep things under control which is what the injections would have possibly done. Bonus is this treatment is much more cost effective.
Would highly recommend it to anyone whose dog has similar allergies.

Works really well

I have an apricot miniature poodle, a breed/colour well known for their allergies! He's had a problem with licking around the base of his tail for months now. The vet thinks it's linked to a yeast overgrowth. Thanks to careful management of his diet and the use of the new Aller-itch spray we've been able to bring his licking totally under control. He'll still lick occasionally but you can tell the itching is no longer a huge problem for him. We had been using the Dermacton cream but it's so much easier to use this spray around his bottom and base of tail and it really works!! Thank you <3

Be Winterhalter
Excellent Spray

My dog has a skin condition and a grass allergy, I use this spray on his paws in the summer. It is ligher than the Demaction spray(I use the Dermaction spray if my dog has a bad spell and his skin is sore) and stops itching very quickly. Excellent value for money and smells lovely.


This product is designed for all breeds of dogs with itchy skin and irritation, especially relating to allergies

The Aller-itch Spray is suitable for all types of coat and also perfect for larger areas or areas with more hair.

For optimal results, this product can be used in conjunction with our Dermacton Shampoo bar.

To check which is the best product for your dog, please see below


How To Use Aller-Itch Spray 180g

Aller-itch spray is quick and easy to use

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Spray directly onto your dog’s skin and coat
  3. Spray onto all itchy areas and massage into the skin
  4. Apply once or twice daily, or as required

This product is safe to use on broken skin, but if your dog has a more troublesome skin problem or damaged skin, then we would recommend you also look at our Dermacton Range.