• Skye Before and After 8 Weeks of Using Dermacton Cream, Dermacton Spray & Dermacton Shampoo Bar for Itchy Dogs

Skye Before and After Dermacton

...only taken 8 weeks to get to where he is now

Thought you may like to see the latest success pictures of dear Skye Westie, only taken 8 weeks to get to where he is now, bless him 12 yrs old, totally neglected, with his blackened and sore skin, he does not have much sight, and infected ears, which we are treating.

We have used the Dermacton Soap Bar, Dermacton Cream, and Dermacton Spray. I do also post his and other dogs progress on our fb page Westies in Need, and when asked for advise I always recommend your products

Thank you