• Jasper Before and After Using Dermacton Cream & Dermacton Shampoo Bar for Itchy Dogs

Jasper Before and After Dermacton

..A truly fabulous product!

Lynn Broomfield recommended us to use Dernacton Shampoo bar when we adopted Jasper 18months ago. At first he had daily baths but now hes bathed every other day.

I use a bath crunchy to lather the shampoo and keep it on an open soap dish. We also use the cream. I run Westie Rescue Scotland group and every westie we rescue goes to their new home with a shampoo bar and some of your cream.

A truely fabulous product .xxx Jasper had been locked in a cage in a shed for 5yrs! Jasper came to us and the owner was prosecuted We were asked to help;we love him so very much.xxx