• This is Hooli before and after just 4 weeks of using Dermacton Spray!

Hooli Before and After Using Dermacton

Hooli's Story

These before and after photos of poor 'Hooli' were given to us by the Golden Retriever Rescue in Cymru.

Rosie Galbraith says that Hooli came into their rescue with horrendous skin, and was treated by their vets every week and on antibiotics for 9 months. The before photo shows the condition the skin was still in after these 9 months.

"We used Dermacton spray morning and night for two days, all the anguish went, and we then continued to use the spray for one week. The fur started to come back after 7 days and this is a picture of Hooli taken after 1 month, he has never looked back and is now in a new loving home he deserves'

We've seen many success stories here at Aromesse, but even we were amazed by these rapid results! but delighted to have been able to help Hooli :-)