• Bailey before and after 10 weeks
  • Bailey before and after 6 weeks
  • A very happy Bailey now!

Bailey Before and After Using Dermacton for Itchy Dogs

...Within three days of using Dermacton, Bailey's skin was much healthier!

I purchased the Dermacton Itchy Dog Starter Pack for my pomeranian, Bailey. Bailey has a host of medical conditions including; Pituitary Hypoplasia, A-Typical Cushing's Disease, Diabetes Insipidus, Epilepsy, Polyuria, Urinary Incontinence, Alopecia X, and Black Skin Disease. Additionally, Bailey has also had five surgeries on her hind patellae.

Only a few months ago, as a result of Bailey's surgeries and numerous conditions, she was at least 50% bald. We'd been trying a variety of products for over a year, but nothing had been able to soothe her skin or encourage her fur to regrow. Bailey's groomer recommended that we try Dermacton, alongside some supplements from Dorwest. Within three days of using Dermacton, Bailey's skin was much healthier, and - for the first time in almost five years - Bailey's fur had begun to regrow. Within a month, Bailey's skin was perfectly healthy and she had no bald patches remaining.

Within two months, she had a full coat again - something that she hadn't had since the age of 18 months old. I was thrilled to find that one of Bailey's vets didn't recognise her (The vet was new to the practice, and had only met Bailey once before while she was mostly bald and incredibly flakey. The same vet was shocked to see her only a month later, looking incredibly healthy with an almost full coat and insisted on taking photographs to send to all of the other vets who had tried to treat Bailey's skin and fur too!)

Needless to say, we're recommending Dermacton to everyone. We are so grateful for all that Dermacton has done for Bailey. I had hoped that - if nothing else - Bailey's skin would be soothed. I was absolutely amazed to see her coat regrow.

Here are some before and after shots for you. Apologies, they're not all of the best quality.

Many thanks

Hannah Gilman