• The Beautiful Denzil!
  • Denzil after just 13 days!

Denzil Before and After Aromaitch

Hi. I just wanted to say a huge thank you! I have had an itchy horse for near on 3 years, which worsened hugely in the extreme summer this year. He would stand in his stable and literally rub himself raw. Sadly putting a saddle on him just helped with the itch around that area so I couldn't ride him either! LOADS of hand walking = 3 miles a day to keep him fit!

Denzil is 20 now and he is my friend, not just a horse. He has always had an amazing coat and this year has broken my heart, let alone my bank balance and his temper. I have spent nearly £600 on vet bills. Steroid cream, steroid tablets (80 a day - so bored of counting them), steroid jabs, biospy (came back with no result), KillItch, Fly sprays, Malaseb baths, TGel Bath and a very awkward fly / Sweet Itch rug. and no result. A friend saw a post on FaceBook about your product (AromaItch - i bought the pack including the amazing soap!!) and hopefully the pictures (sorry they are not great - seems my horse is camera shy!!!) help show how much my horse has changed and in such a short time. Myself and the staff at my yard are amazed! It smells amazing, costs not very much, amazing Customer service and also IT WORKS!!!! Thank you Aromesse.

Thank you. I have my best friend back!!!!!!

Happy to speak to anyone who has any doubts and I cannot wait for my next order!!! Roll on the human products!!

PS - as i said weirdly my nails are stronger for using the AromaItch products too - thank you!!!!

PPS - the soap is amazing - it is so easy to use, makes the yard smell gorgeous and would recommend it for anyone who wants a super shining horse - loads cheaper and more effective than any showing products!