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Dermacton. Soap Shampoo for dogs.

Excellent product. Gives sustained relief from itching which is a common skin condition with Westie's.


I trust this brand and get good results with my yorkie. I use this to keep her eyes clean and it does a brilliant job. I slso use their soap bar...amazing stuff and cleared my pups itchy, flaky skin.
Thank you for providing such excellent products.

Dermacton Starter Pack
Diana Maughan
Brilliant magical products

Very satisfied with the results of using the starter pack on my dogs hair loss. I have used steroids from the vet and various other remedies before that have not had the same quick effective results.

The best treatment and protection for mud fever

I have used aromeheal for years now and I don't think it can be better for treating mud fever. I only realised the mud guard existed a year or 2 ago. The protection it offers means I barely use the aromaheal anymore my horse just doesn't get mud fever like he used to, or if he does it's a small patch when is treated easily.

Silver Ear Cleaner
Peter mccarthy
Bought before and run out so bought 2 now

Works well as he suffers with yeast infections this helps a lot and keeps it at bay as well as clean smelling ears

The best cream for mud fever

I buy lots of this. We have thoroughbreds, they are turned out daily in wet Devon through the winter and inevitably they get mud fever scabs on their legs. I brush off dry, loose mud etc in the morning and apply cream to clean dry scabs before they go out. This softens the scabs so that you can gently rub them off. The cream then protects and heals the pink sore skin. Once no longer sore I use the oil to protect. The oil attracts less mud etc. With any cream you inevitably get mud or bedding etc stuck to it. You have to just brush off when dry. I avoid water as much as possible but find the right balance is to wash the whole lot off with a good shampoo, or the shampoo bar from this company, every few days using warm water to further soften and remove as many scabs as possible. Then dry with a towel and bandage over night with soft clean stable bandages so everything is warm and dry. Next morning re-apply cream and carry on for a few days. It also helps to cut hair around the fetlocks short, or clip it, so that you can get the cream down to the skin and not have clumps of cream coated hair just getting in the way. You can use it for any similar scabs (eg rain-scald on any part of the body). Don't know where I would be without it to be honest! Works much better than sudocrem or anything else that is available in my local saddlers. There is only one other cream on the market that works as well, but that cream is mega sticky so it attracts too much foreign material for my liking. Hence I now use Aromaheel all the time.

excellent product

This shampoo bar is excellent for my Labrador who has skin allergies. After using this bar her coat is lovely and soft and it helps to calm down any skin irritations

It works

MUD Starter Pack
Sara Strong

MUD Starter Pack

Great product

Certainly eases the itching

It works!!

We started treating our Pomeranian and hair started growing within a month. Even a week after we started the cream, his skin looked healthier and less irritated. Process is still on going, now it is a bit more difficult to put the spray as he has hair everywhere, but we still bath him every week. 100% recommend if you have a Pom with alopecia x or any skin problem. Ok my Pom hates the smell and treatment, but he’s happier and less agressif since hair stopped falling.


I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this product worked as well as the marketing claimed. Persistent scabs that my horse has under his pasterns cleared after the third application. Very impressed!

Dermacton Starter Pack

The product is very efecive because after one month, the hair start to grow back

Good stuff

Our dog was really itchy causing baldness across his back, Dermacton cream and spray have worked really well

Dermacton Starter Pack
Good products

My dog is happy with Your products.


Works exactly as described. Nice gentle product that removes scabs and provides a protective barrier.

Repeat purchase of aromaheel

We come back to aromaheel every year to help with mud rash and it works. Gives a good barrier and catches any problems early. We continue to use it until the risk has passed. Thank you

Incredible soap

This soap is so nice to use the smell is divine and Yogis skin and fur is so good afterwards he is a poodle and suffers with hot spots our previous dog had the same issues albeit a bichon his skin was so much better after discovering these soap I have continued it with Yogi the cream is also very good for break outs. Great company I always recommend them to groomers and once they start using the soap swear by it particularly for white coats with pink skin x

Aroma Pre-itch SPRAY 3-in-1
Francesca Hoggarth
A spray with a million uses

A must have for any horse person's grooming/ medical cabinet. I use this spray for many different things including my pony's mallanders which it cleared up after 2 sprays!

Fantastic Soap

Bought this soap for my 2 Tibetan Terriers when they went through an itchy period. Found they left their fur amazingly soft and much easier to brush through. Just wish they were bigger bars as my dogs are in the bath regularly due to rolling in smelly things!


This is my go to product for my mud fever prone boy, it removes the scabs without trauma to the skin. I love it!

Paw Rescue Balm
Claire Siegel
Teddy says thank you!

I noticed a few cracks on my boy’s paw pads so I thought I’d give this a try. I have used several Aromesse products with success and this was no exception. Progress is a little slow because he’s leaping around on his feet a lot - at 11 months old! There’s a positive difference and I’m confident it will continue to improve as I keep using it.

Amazing cream!

I had a sore patch of skin that was also a bit itchy. This cream has a great delivery system and has really helped. I have stocked up on three more bottles to stash away while it’s on offer. Great stuff!

Dermacton Starter Pack
Edwina Kavanagh
Amazing products

My dog is recovering from a bad yeast infection that has made her lose over 80% of her fur. Her last stage before regrowing her fur was to stop the bad itching. 2 days after using the products her itching eased and she could stop wearing her collar. She has become alert again as her time was taken up with itching. The black skin is changing slowly to her natural pink, no dry skin and there are signs of hair growth. Still a long way to go, but this has no doubt help immensely