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Shampoo Massage Brush

Fantastic product

My Staffie has allergies. He had a bald chest and belly. Have spent a fortune on vet treatment over the years and nothing the vet did really helped him. Then I discovered your products and what a difference in him now. After using it there was an immediate improvement in his itching and as the months have gone by his fur has grown back and his coat is thick and healthy. He still has a small amount of itching but nothing like before. I would recommend this product.

Works very well.

I have a shih tzu that itches and a good bath with this eases it, and I also use the aromese spray inbetween baths. Smells delicious, very relaxing aroma. Bit pricey but does last a while.

Awesome Product

Ive used this product for years on all types of cuts and grazes. It really helps healing quickly. Being a gritty formula it also creates a brilliant barrier against flies and mud.

Colloidal Silver Spray
Paula Doddemeade
Excellent product

Used it to wipe my dogs ears as she suffers with irritation. It has cleared it up and kept it clear!!! Fantastic results thanks

Dermacton Starter Pack
Alison Ingram
Dermacton Spray

This is very easy to use on the belly and inside thighs of my long coated dog. It smells lovely and his skin is looking better. He’s also been chewing his lower hind legs and it’s easy to spray onto the bare patches.

Dermacton Starter Pack
Elinor Avisidris

Im really love it
My dog have a bacteria on her skin and this produces very help her

Dermacton Starter Pack
Andrea Palfreman
I've used PetNat many times on different dogs I have fostered with amazing results.

The first picture's are after 2 weeks of treatment then the others before treatment

I foster dog's and this pupster came to stay with me for a couple of months. Her fur was extremely brown where she had licked it and under the fur the skin was extremely red and sore.

I've used PetNat many times on different dogs I have fostered with amazing results.

With my current dog, I first bathed her in the soap bar, then applied the cream when she was dry. I then applied the cream twice a day for a week, then once a day for a week, now we do alternate days. I bathed her twice a week for the first week, thereafter only once a week

Because she is fostered, she knows this special time together is her time whilst I am cleaning her ears, adding the ear relief pack, cleaner then drops . We then go on to use the Dermacton starter pack. I recommend both as they have no chemicals or any other nasties.

All my dog's have always had a positive response to everything that PetNat sells.

When I ordered this delivery this time I needed it sooner rather than later, as the foster dog needed to be soothed as soon as possible.

I dropped the company an email and they rushed my order through and it arrived the next day. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending PetNat for any dogs that have itchy, irritated ears and skin.

Thank you Andrea


This is brilliant stuff. Somehow manages to soothe my itchy mare’s skin, particularly on her tail head, where other brands have failed. Smells amazing (think you need a human range!) which is a bonus!

4 stars

shampoo and spray has helped but not cured complety.but would use it again.

Dermacton Starter Pack
janette hughes

Have used the Dermacton spray for a quite a while now with amazing results.Thought we would try the shampoo bar,as with 2 older dogs bathtime has to be quick.The bar bubbled up straight away when the coat was wet.With it being a bar we could rub it into the areas that needed it the most.Much easier than a bottle of shampoo.Rinses out very easily.The dogs coats are the nicest we have seen them in a long time.100% reccomend this product.It is amazing honestly.5*

Ear Relief Pack
janette hughes

After trying the itch dog spray (which was awesome by the way).We decided to try the ear cleaner kit as one of the dogs always suffers with mucky ears.After using this kit twice his ears have been terrific and much much cleaner.So happy dog.I would 100% reccomend this product and we will not use anything else now.Well worth the price.5*.

Excellent product

My gelding has had persistent thrush since I’ve had him and it got to the point where a hoof pick could disappear into the central sulcus of his frogs. I started applying Aromafrog daily and I can’t believe that in two weeks he already has new healthy tissue filling in the deep groove. I’m thrilled with the results so far, his frogs are looking better than ever! I’m purchasing another bottle and will continue to use daily.

Aller-Itch Spray
Diana Grant
Useful product!

I have been using this for only a short time, and my previously very itchy dog has stopped scratching and rubbing himself already. Time will tell if it continues to give him relief.


As all of the Aromesse family of products this is an excellent product and would highly recommend it. I also use aromaheel, aroma pre itch and aromaderm on my sweet itch mare.

Dermacton Starter Pack
Bon produit.

Ma petite spitz souffre d'alopecie. Son dos, ses flancs,son cou ,son ventre et ses tétines sont nus. J'ai commencé les produits dermacton depuis 1 mois. Les poils commencent à repousser sauf sur son arrière train. Seul petit bémol, odeur assez forte.

Will recommend 100%

The soap bar and the cream are amazing the bar is much easier to use than your normal bottle of shampoo and out Doberman feels like velvet and it smells really good, just as good as the cream which we’ve been using for a while as had samples given to us from crufts.
Yes I would definitely continue to use this and the cream has helped our girls skin issues and the hairs growing back week by week. Great product 👌

Dermacton Duo - Itchy Dog Shampoo & Spray

Excellent product

My little dog, had 2 nasty sores underneath, where the groomer had shaved him. Went to vets, and given antibiotics and steroids,which helped the infection. But not the healing. So found this product, and used it for about 10 days, as it was slowly getting better, so thought I'd let nature take over! And now it's all gone. I think maybe it stung when I first applied the cream, as he went a bit frantic, but after a while he settled down. But then it was on a delicate area! I fully recommend this product, thank you.

Excellent Product

I have been using the soap and spray for a number of years on my dog, not only does it stop him from constantly biting his paws, it cleans them withour drying and smells very fresh.


Great nearly there with dermacton cream and spray .loads better . Hair round paws not so brown now .getting ready to order again.

Paw Rescue Balm
Gillian Radcliffe

My elderly dogs nose was flakey. I tried another product which made it worse. After 2days treatment of Paw balm it ‘s looking good again.
I hadn’t thought to use a product called Paw balm on his nose but until I called Aromesse. Thanks very much. I love your products.

Blue Merle Willow

Wonderful product, really helps with rash on belly and inner hind legs when willow is running around grassy areas , we use the cream as a barrier before going out
for runs they say prevention is better than cure so leaving the steroid tablets and going down the preventative route with Dermacton, linking that with Wainwright
Hypoallergenic wet and dry food . Great combo , and no household treats other than Hypoallergenic treat biscuits, the rash seems to be the start of ear inflammation
But when rash goes with Dermacton the ear inflammation seems to get better , no vet bill £380 to sedate and treat willow.
I’m amazed how good this cream is also smells nice , many thanks to the clever people that produce Dermacton.
David Biggs Chambers. Budleigh Salterton.

I love this product.

I really love the Ultrasalve First Aid Ointment. Most importantly, it works to help heal minor wounds. Additionally, it seems to be easy to apply in any weather. It doesn't liquefy in the hot weather and it is still spreadable in cold temperatures. It's my first choice for first aid - and it smells great too.

MUD Starter Pack
Mary MacLeod

I had used the aromaheel with great success in the past, so was not hesitant to try the aroma-mud. And I was not disappointed. In spite of a very wet spring, using the barrier kept the horses legs free of scabs and infection.