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Dermacton Starter Pack
Nyelezina Jevgenyija

Dermacton Starter Pack

Thank you

Very good product

Magic Silver!

I use this on my cat’s allergy sores, In between his feet where he itches and causes infection . It’s better than using antibiotics

Great product

This cream really works and is the only one I would use now. Gives instant relief for fly bites, plus if they rub a sore patch the skin quickly heals and grows over.

Amazing cream, very rich

A very rich cream, soothes my Staffy skin when she has irritation very well! The only downside is the cost and also quite strong aroma.

Does what it says it will!

Lovely, natural, beautiful smelling product that eases my pony’s and horse’s itching, and I don’t have to wear gloves to apply it. Works especially well when used after washing with Aromesse soap.

Aroma Mud Heel Scab Remover

I have used this product for many years and found it to be the best thing on the market. It is very effective, but gentle at the same time, smells nice and you can still turn your horse out, which when your horse has arthritis is brilliant. I can't recommend this enough.

The besssssst!!!❤️

Could not be without this cream

I have been using Aromaitch 7 or more years and rate it very highly. Flavia has sweet itch and the cream soothes and repairs the broken skin very quickly and efficiently. In a very short time the hair grows back but I tend to use it throughout the summer months as she is permanently itchy. She appears to enjoy the experience and the smell of the cream is lovely. Would thoroughly recommend this product

Very happy

Order fulfilled promptly, discount applied was very welcome. It arrived on time. Seems to be doing the job with Sid's mud rash!

MUD Starter Pack
Jayne Sikorski



unfortunately, after 26 days of treatment with dermacton, my Pomeranian's skin still hasn't improved (( I don't understand why the black skin doesn't go away and new hair doesn't come out, as this product should help. My friend tried the same her Pomeranian was completely cured in 30 days. I will come back with news if there will be a change

Dermacton Cream for Itchy Dogs
Elvira/maria Paciocco/vitelli
Ottimi prodotti

Uso la linea dermacton da un anno con ottimi risultati per il mio pomerania.

Aromaheel Mud Scab Remover
Michael Matthews
Mud fever

Helped my young horse massively, after a very nasty case of mud fever. Was delivered straight away and customer service is top class

Dermacton Duo - Itchy Dog Shampoo & Spray

Zero improvement

Not the right product for us. May work for others.

Dermacton Spray for Itchy Dogs

Itchy Ear Drops
Gillian Campbell
Itchy ears

Used before along with the ear cleaner and really helps Inca's waxy ears and keeps them clean.

Skin Soother for Cats
Irene Paterson
Effective and gentle

This skin soother was recommended by a dog behaviourist friend. It cleared my cat's skin condition in a few days, was easy to use - she enjoyed getting it rubbed in - non smelly. Excellent product.

Dermacton Shampoo Bar for Itchy Dogs

Silver Ear Cleaner
Avril Glessing
Ear cleaner

Amazing product always leans the ear really well very please .


Ottimo prodotto, nel giro di poche settimane abbiamo visto un miglioramento.

Smells amazing

I have taken my dog off steroids as she was losing her fur,this was recommended to us and I’m on my 3rd bottle.Seems to calm the itching and smells wonderful.Wish they did free delivery

Dermacton Starter Pack
Claudio Ferri
Prodotto ok

Il mio cane Chicco (Pomerania) soffre di alopecia, con i Vostri prodotti non si gratta più e sta ricrescere il pelo.

Dermacton Starter Pack
Brith Sørensen

Dermacton Starter Pack