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Aromaitch CREAM for fly bite sores

Before & after Aromaitch
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Aromaitch CREAM for fly bite sores


15.60 (3 to 5)
14.25 (6 or more)

FAST Results in Days - Guaranteed!

  • Rapidly STOPS Itching & Rubbing
  • Safe to use on open sore skin
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Deters flies
  • Encourages rapid hair regrowth
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Aromaitch is a highly effective natural cream for fly bite irritations & sores. It rapidly Stops itching and further rubbing, whilst promoting natural healing and fast hair regrowth.

This product is also available as an itch spray - see Aroma Pre-itch


your product is the only one that prevents them from biting and stops the itch if they do

What are the benefits of Aromaitch CREAM for fly bite sores?

  • Quick, easy & pleasant to apply
  • Rapidly Stops Itching and Rubbing
  • Safe to use on open sore skin
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Deters flies
  • Encourages rapid hair regrowth
  • Promotes the natural healing process
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Highly Effective Soothing Cream for Fly Bites in horses, that STOPS itching and rubbing FAST!

Aromaitch is an exciting natural product, that provides rapid relief from the itching and rubbing associated with fly bite irritations in the Spring and Summer, and soothes and repairs damaged sore skin.

Also available as a spray - see Aroma Pre-itch

This entirely natural aromatherapy cream, contains a unique blend of carefully selected pure essential oils, plus herbal extracts, to soothe irritated skin and stop the itching. It is safe to use on open sore skin, and encourages natural healing of damaged tissue and rapid hair regrowth.

As some horses are sensitive to citronella oil, Aromaitch does not contain this oil.

Aromaitch is recommended for applying to all sore areas and bald patches. If your horse simply rubs their mane or tail, but hasn't yet caused any bald patches, we recommend that you also look at our Aroma Pre-itch product.

Please read our many success stories to see how Aromaitch could also help your horses fly problems.

Directions for Aromaitch CREAM for fly bite sores:

Simply apply the Aromaitch cream to all sore and raw areas. Rub it gently into the skin, and then apply a thin layer over the top to provide protection against flies.

If you are applying to an area with hair, rub it in well and ensure that the product reaches the skin.

Aromaitch is also suitable for using on the face.

Before and after photos for Aromaitch CREAM for fly bite sores

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A miracle happened....his hair has grown back!

I have never written a testimonial for anything in my life, but I just had to write to say how wonderful your Aromaitch cream and Aroma pre-itch spray are. Guinness my 9 year old had open sores on his rump, a raw bleeding tail and no mane. I was ashamed for anyone to see him in the spring and summer. I tried so many products that over the past 7 years it must have cost me well over 6,000 in treatments which never worked! I rubbed it all over him when I got it and that night there was no rubbing or scratching!- I couldnt believe it. I have been now using the products for two weeks. A miracle happened...his coat has grown back on his body, mane and tail!

Mavis Jamieson, Burgundy, France.

"He loved it and obviously found it extremely soothing..."

"I have a young exmoor pony suffering from hair loss, and the flies have had a field day. antibiotics given and boett rug in use. After doing a sensitivity test, today I put on your aromaitch. I was dubious about the reaction I would get from a nervous little pony having cold cream put on red raw belly. He loved it and obviously found it extremely soothing - the grunts and posture were self explanatory. 3 more pots ordered!"

Helen Hayllar

"Am amazed at the result of using the aromaitch cream..."

"Ive tried everything on the market for **** itch, and am amazed at the result of using the aromaitch cream, the sores are healed, and that is in a week! now going to try the spray for the bits that are exposed and hope it s as good as the cream!"

Jodi Collins

"Your product is the only one that prevents them from biting and relieves the itch..."

"I have a mare that is very sensitive to all insect bites and your product is the only one that prevents them from biting and relieves the itch if they do."

"I started using Aromaitch a year ago in June because my mare had rubbed her tail so badly that she had huge sore areas. I didn't know what caused this. It had happened the previous year but it was never this bad. I tried everything and was at my wit's end. My vet suggested I try the internet and do some research. I tried many of the suggested remedies but without success. Then I came across Aromaitch. Within a week the sore areas had cleared up and within a month the hair had grown back. Applying the cream twice a day thereafter alleviated the problem entirely."

"Thank you for such a great product."

Mrs C. Varjas, Ontario Canada

"Your products are excellent, easy to apply ,no stickiness and a pleasant smell"

Your products are excellent, easy to apply ,no stickiness and a pleasant smell and THEY WORK, the healing time is unbelievable, my pony is now a happy pony

Linda Smith

"I have tried so many products...."

I have tried many products and spent lots of money on things that havent worked, so this was just another trial and error. After the first application I could see a difference, the skin improved and the hair began to grow in again. My horse must have realised that this was going to help her as each time I applied it she stood rock solid even when I applied it round her face, where was any other product was a fight to apply it. So I would like to say a HUGE thank you for this product- I have just ordered another 3 tubs and shall be telling all my friends about your products. Thanks again

From Catherine and Milly

I would recommend your products to anyone!

"I would like to say how pleased I am with your AromaItch Cream. Your cream is cost effective and twice as effective compared to others I have tried!! I would recommend your products to anyone, thank you very much! Best wishes

Val Green

I now have a happy pony

I would just like to say thank you for all the fantastic products you do for itchy horses! I now have a very happy pony!... Thanks so much!

Mrs T Sturgess

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What should I use the Aromaitch for?

Aromaitch is ideally suited for applying to any areas where your horse has already caused patches of hair loss, and/or created sore open skin. It is a very soothing cream, which will relieve the itching to prevent further rubbing, and promote natural healing of any sore areas, and hair regrowth. It is also great for localised areas such as the face.

How often do I need to apply it?

The Aromaitch needs applying daily through the fly season. Its long lasting natural formula will last for 24 hours between applications.

What does the Aromaitch contain?

Aromaitch contains herbal extracts and essential oils in a high quality cream, to relieve fly bites & sores caused by rubbing. It is entirely natural, and doesnt contain any steroids.

Please note this product may not be suitable for horses competing under some regulations, as it contains essential oils including lavender oil.

What is the Difference between the Aromaitch and the Aroma Pre-itch?

Both these products are for itching and rubbing associated with fly bite irritations. For the fastest results and hair regrowth for all bald patches and raw areas use the Aromaitch cream. For covering larger areas and for fly protection, use the Aroma Pre-itch spray. The Aroma Pre-itch spray will also soak easily into your horses mane and tail.

Is there anything I shouldnt use it for?

The Aromaitch product shouldnt be applied directly to genital areas, in case it irritates or stings, and be careful when using around the eyes that you dont get any actually in the eyes. Only use a small amount, and rub it well in.

If your horse is rubbing his mane and tail, you may prefer the Aroma Pre-itch spray as it will soak in better.

Could my horse be allergic to Aromaitch or Aroma Pre-itch? If you have a horse with sensitive skin, although it is very rare for an allergic irritation from using Aromaitch or Aroma Pre-itch, it is possible for some horses to be allergic to even natural ingredients. Please carry out a patch test (see below) before use.

What if it doesnt help my horse?

Aromaitch has been successful in helping thousands of horses enjoy an itch free summer. However we do understand that each horse is individual, and therefore offer a 100% money back guarantee on this product and will willingly refund in full if you are not delighted with the results.

Can it be used on other animals?

This product has been developed and tested specifically for use on horses only, and therefore we do not recommend that it is used on other animals. We do also sell other products for using for skin irritations on dogs.

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