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Dermacton Cream for itchy dogs

Before and After Dermacton
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Dermacton Cream for itchy dogs

80g (approx 2.8oz)

14.50 (3 to 5)
14.00 (6 or more)

Natural Steroid-Free cream, which really works! - Guaranteed Results!

  • Entirely Natural with NO steroids
  • Rapidly STOPS itching & scratching
  • Calms Sore Irritated Skin
  • Fast Hair regrowth
  • Quick, Easy & Pleasant to use
  • Light, non-greasy cream which is easily absorbable

Great, steroid-free natural anti-itch cream for all skin irritations and itchy dogs. Quickly calms itchy irritated skin and stops dogs itching, licking and scratching.


Dermacton soothed our dogs skin almost instantly. This will amaze our vet next week. Your product really does work, thanks.

What are the benefits of Dermacton Cream for itchy dogs?

  • Entirely Natural with NO steroids
  • Rapidly STOPS itching & scratching
  • Calms Sore Irritated Skin
  • Fast Hair regrowth
  • Encourages the natural healing process
  • Quick, Easy & Pleasant to use
  • Gentle and effective
  • Light, non-greasy cream which is easily absorbable
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Natural steroid-free cream, which really works!

If your dog has sore irritated or itchy skin, you may have already tried special diets & regular bathing; expensive tablets with the risk of side effects; numerous preparations and wonder whether there is anything you can do naturally to relieve your dogs itching.

Finding a successful, cost-effective and easy to use solution used to be difficult; however you can now help your dog with Dermacton. The Dermacton range of natural skin relief products for itchy dogs are the result of many years of development and includes a special cream, spray lotion and a shampoo bar. This highly effective system works together to quickly soothe & relieve your dogs itching and sore skin, and prevent further scratching and biting, and has already brought relief to thousands of dogs of different breeds worldwide.

Each Dermacton product is entirely natural and steroid-free and contains an advanced itch-free soothing formula of essential oils and herbal extracts. This unique recipe quickly calms sore or itchy skin and promotes rapid hair regrowth.

Dermacton cream is a steroid-free product containing a unique blend of essential oils and herbal extracts, to relieve the itching and scratching and soothe sore skin. It is suitable for all breeds, and has been highly succesful for many specific breeds who have problems with their skin, including bulldogs, staffordshire bull terriers, bichon frise and westies

This amazing antibacterial and antifungal formula is gentle but effective and includes a special blend of over 13 pure essential oils and herbal extracts, sourced from across the world. It is a high quality cream free of any petroleum products (ie petroleum jelly, mineral oil) and also steroid-free, although you might be surprised by this when you see the results!

Dermacton will quickly stop your dog itching, calm and soothe any irritated or skin, and promote rapid hair regrowth. The cream will also penetrate and condition the skin and soften any damaged skin that has gone thick or leathery.

Your dog will soon look and feel much happier.

Please read our many success stories to see how Dermacton could also help your dog

Dermacton is now available in a Cream, Spray and Shampoo!

All contain the same successful formula of essential oils. Use in conjunction with each other or....

Choose the cream for bald areas or any areas where you can get it through the coat to the skin, and for the face.

Choose the spray for applying to larger areas or where there is more coat.

Directions for Dermacton Cream for itchy dogs:

Dermacton cream is very pleasant and easy to use.

Simply apply a small amount of cream to all itchy or irritated areas 1 to 3 times a day, as necessary. The cream will easily soak into your dogs skin.

Can also be used in conjunction with the Dermacton Shampoo.

To download a full directions sheet for "Dermacton Cream for itchy dogs" click here

Before and After photos for Dermacton products for Itchy Dogs

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7 dermacton reviews of..55

"We very rarely promote anything but..."

"We very rarely promote anything but in this case we have had such startling results from the dogs we have used this on that we feel all dog owners should have a pot of this cream in the dog medical kits. If your dog has itchy skin and loss of coat we recommend you try this product, we wouldnt know what to do without it."

Sylvia, Many Tears Rescue,Cefniethin, Wales

"It has worked miracles for us"

Our Yorkshire Terrier Murphy has suffered from terribly itchy skin for many years. We have been back and forth to the vets who have been unable to pinpoint the exact problem, but have prescribed all sorts of lotion and potions, all expensive, none of which have worked.

Murphy is now 12 years old and his skin had become wet & smelly. He was so distressed by his condition that he would roll on the carpets and cry. He went very thin & we were considering having him put to sleep

I read about Dermacton in one of the dog papers & sent off for a pot. We havent looked back since. He has put on the weight he lost through all the scratching. His coat has grown back & his skin is perfect We now only need to use the ointment occasionally, but we have a couple of pots as back up.

We have recommended your product to lots of people & will continue to do so. It has worked miracles for us

Mrs G Chillery

"Thank you for giving me my dog back"

"My 6 year old, cross breed dog has been suffering with very itchy skin for some time. She scratched and bit herself until she bled. After trying every product on the market to no avail I was resorted to using an elizabethan collar. I discovered dermacton whilst searching the numerous internet sites about this problem and ordered right away. From the first day I was able to remove the collar and three weeks later all the scabs are falling off leaving healthy looking skin underneath. She is happier in herself and enjoying life again. Thank you for giving me my dog back"


"Miracles do happen and within a few days, the scratching and biting had stopped"

"This cream is absolutely fantastic. I ordered it for a spare. We got our Lab. from the kennels last June - 11 months of age. He was suffering with a nasty skin problem - I was told it could have been a yeast problem or allergy. His underneath skin was black and the texture of an elephant skin. He also had a very smelly pair of ears which we cured with Olive oil and patience..but I could see us spending a fortune through time over the skin problem. When I took a chance and ordered the cream from you I had my fingers crossed. Miracles do happen and within a few days, the scratching and biting had stopped and the skin returned to a lovely healthy pink, all apart from one small patch which does not bother him. I have a lot to thank you for, and so does Merlin. Best wishes"

Jenny Stewart

"I keep telling everyone how good your product is"

Having seen an advert for Dermacton in my Crufts schedule,I thought I would try it on my Std Wirehaired Dachshund as I had tried everything else with no luck.She gets very very itchy on her stomach and chest and between her front legs. She scratches until she is red raw. Your cream has been like a miracle it has cleared her skin and at the first sign of her scratching i put some on and it clears it straight away. I am a Dog Groomer and see lots of dogs with skin problems and I keep telling everyone how good your product is.

Thank you"

Mrs E Higgott

"I was very sceptical of your claims but it has certainly been a miracle"

My dog has had sore skin round her mouth that was weepy and very sore . The vet said to bathe it every day but it was bleeding and looked very uncomfortable. It had plagued her continually for months and your cream was a last resort. I can't believe it! I have only been using it for a matter of days and it has virtually cleared up and there is no more weeping. I was very sceptical of your claims but it has certainly been a miracle. I am very grateful.

Jacqui Ruddock

"the results have been fantastic. This cream is truly amazing"

"My 5 yr old Chocolate Labrador, Jacko, has a skin problem. Over the last 4 yrs he has been on tablets and various supplements to try and help, which has resulted in him gaining 10kgs and generally being miserable and lethargic. I had tried everything and was at the end of my tether when I found your website and read the stories. Because his skin had got so bad and was flaky and itchy with sore spots appearing i thought I would have to give the cream a try. Well, can you imagine how I felt when after the first day of applying the cream his skin was starting to look better. All the flaky scabs dropped off and the skin beneath was pink and healthy! I was so shocked and tried using it on the areas he was itching, and the results have been fantastic. This cream is truly amazing and I will be recommending it to everyone I know who has a dog. Thankyou"

Rosie Gilson

See all 55 Dermacton reviews

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I dont want to use steroids on my dogs. Does Dermacton contain steroids?

No. Dermacton does not contain steroids of any kind, and only contains high quality natural ingredients. It is also very skin conditioning and whilst highly effective, it is very gentle on your dogs skin.

Can the Dermacton be used on broken skin?

Yes, Dermacton is safe to use on sore or broken skin. It will soothe and help to promote natural regeneration of healthy skin tissue. If however your dog has an actual wound, we would recommend using our Ultrasalve first aid product for the fastest possible results.

Can it be used around the eyes?

Dermacton cream has been used very successfully around dogs eyes; however you must ensure that you dont get any actually into the eye. Use only a tiny amount of cream, and rub it completely into the skin, so that there isnt any left on the surface that your dog could later rub into his eyes. Only use around the eyes if you have already used the cream on other areas, or performed a satisfactory patch test.

What is in the Dermacton?

Dermacton is a high quality cream with shea butter and beeswax and is free of any petroleum ingredients. It is light and highly nourishing and also easily absorbable into your dogs skin. All the ingredients are human quality, and the soothing blend of high quality essential oils & herbal extracts, quickly works on your dogs damaged, irritated and itchy skin.

What if my dog tries to lick it off?

Dermacton contains no harmful ingredients, though obviously you need to stop your dog licking as much as possible so that the cream stays on and does its work. The ingredients in the Dermacton will naturally deter most dogs from licking, however if your dog is a persistent licker it may be useful to apply it prior to them being distracted eg prior to a walk, play or feeding, and rub it well in. As long as it gets a few minutes to soak in, it will start working.

Is the cream better than the spray?

Both the cream and spray contain the same Dermacton formula, and both work as well as each other. Whilst some of it is personal preference, we generally recommend the cream when there is hair loss or thickened skin or for small isolated areas, and the spray when there is more coat or to cover larger areas.

Could it irritate my dogs skin?

Dermacton is entirely natural and has been specially developed to be as hypoallergenic as possible even for dogs with sensitive skin. Having said this, although unlikely, it is possible occasionally for a dog to be sensitive to even natural ingredients, therefore we do always recommend performing a patch test prior to first use.

What if it doesnt help my dog?

Dermacton has been hugely successful in helping thousands of dogs, however we do understand that each dog is individual and there are a multitude of different reasons for dogs itching and rubbing, therefore we offer a 100% money back guarantee on this product.

Can it be used on other animals?

No. This product has been developed and tested specifically for use on dogs only, and therefore we do not recommend that it be used on other animals. We do however now do a similar product specifically for cats.

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