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AromaCool cooling gel 220g


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Advanced Aromatherapy Cooling Gel – 60 day money back guarantee
  • 100% Natural ingredients- including Aloe Vera
  • Soothes tired muscles, painful joints and sore shins
  • Helps to reduce inflammation and heat in legs
  • Safe to use on broken skin
  • Contains NO chemicals or harsh abrasives
  • Convenient gel for easy application to hard to reach areas.

Aromacool is an advanced and natural aromatherapy cooling gel to soothe painful joints, ease muscle soreness or stiffness and relieve tired muscles. This cooling product is perfect for use after competitions or strenuous exercise.

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What are the benefits of AromaCool Cooing Gel?

  • Helps to reduce inflammation and heat
    During exercise horses legs naturally heat up but too much heat can cause damage to the tendons. Aromacool ensures that the tendons and ligaments are cooled and draws out any inflammation.  
  • Soothes tired muscles, painful joints and sore shins
    The specifically chosen ingredients of Aromacool penetrate deeply to offer soothing relief for muscles and joints.
  • Alcohol & chemical free
    Aromacool is made up of 100% natural ingredients including Aloe Vera and does not contain any harmful chemicals or alcohol.
  • Relieves stiffness and soreness
    The essential oils in Aromacool give a tingling and cooling sensation to relax muscles and ease stiffness to aid muscle recovery after exercise.
  • Safe to use on broken skin
    The natural ingredients of Aromacool are effective and gentle making it safe to use even on broken and sore skin.


What Is AromaCool Cooling Gel For?

Aromacool is a natural liniment containing no harsh chemicals or alcohol, it is perfect to ease tired muscles after a strenuous riding such as endurance, hunting and eventing. The natural formula helps to relieve stiffness, soreness or heat by giving a cooling, tingling sensation to relax muscles and soothes strains and tenderness from overexertion. This natural gel liquifies on application making it easy to use and able to be applied to hard to reach places with its ability to cut through sweat making it perfect to apply after exercise. When diluted in a bucket of water Aromacool can also be used to cool horses off in hot temperatures. 


Customer Reviews

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Aromacool Review

This product is great. I use it on my horse after jumping or heavy work to keep the legs cool and it works a treat without making a mess. Would definitely recommend.


Aromacool is the best product to use for:

  • Sore and stiff muscles and joints post strenuous exercise
  • Reducing heat in your horses legs
  • Cooling your horses in hot temperatures (when diluted in a bucket of water)


How To Use AromaCool Cooling Gel

Quick and easy to use.

Simply apply full strength to legs after strenuous exercise.

To cool a horse dilute in a bucket of water and sponge over your horse.


What would I use Aromacool for?

Aromacool helps relieve stiffness, soreness and heat, by creating a cooling, tingling sensation to relax muscles. This product is perfect to use for washing legs after a full day riding.

Can I use this on broken skin?

Yes, Aromacool is safe to use on open or sore skin

How do I apply Aromacool?

Aromacool is made in a convenient gel which liquifies on contact and can be applied neat or diluted in water. It can be used on the legs and body and can be applied to wet or dry legs/skin.

To cool a horse dilute in a bucket of water and sponge over your horse

Is there anything I shouldn’t use it for?

Avoid eyes and mucous membranes and is not suitable for pregnant mares or horses with epilepsy.

What is in Aromacool and does it contain alcohol?

Aromacool is 100% alcohol free and only contains natural ingredients, including Aloe Vera.

Can I use this product on any other animals?

No, this product has been especially developed for use on horses and we would not recommend using on other animals.

What is the shelf life of this product?

This product will keep for 12-24 months from purchase if stored in a cool place.

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