Natural Grooming

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Natural Remedies

that work!

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Deodorising Spritzer


Our luxurious dog spritzer contains plant extracts, pure essential oils and conditioners in a colloidal silver base to soothe mild irritations, ...

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Dermacton Shampoo Bar for Itchy Dogs

11.90 10.60 (3 to 5) 10.00 (6 or more)

Premium shampoo for Itchy Dogs. A highly effective natural Shampoo bar, containing our highly successful Dermacton anti-itch formula. Perfect ...

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Ear Cleaner with Silver

6.90 6.20 (3 to 5) 5.50 (6 or more)

A professionally recommended ear cleaner containing antibacterial silver, which cleans & soothes. Painlessly softens earwax & debris for easy cleaning of ...

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Colloidal Silver Spray

15.00 13.00 (3 to 5) 11.50 (6 or more)

High quality silver spray, which is incredibly effective but gentle at the same time. Perfect for sensitive areas of skin. It ...

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