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Aromafrog Hoof & Frog formula

Aromafrog Hoof & Frog formula


9.95 (3 to 5)
8.95 (6 or more)

  • Powerful and Potent -yet gentle formulation to tackle stubborn bacteria & fungus
  • NO harsh chemical disinfectants to compromise the hoofs natural protection
  • Instant, DEEP penetration into the frog and sole tissue
  • Encourages and stimulates healthy tissue re-growth
  • Incredibly effective and 100% natural, high-quality ingredients
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. No more Smelly Frogs!

Our latest fantastic new product for horses with damaged hooves and smelly frogs. A powerful but gentle antifungal & antibacterial solution that penetrates deep into smelly and damaged tissue. Entirely natural, and highly effective.
Comes complete with a brush for effective application.


One application made a huge difference to my mare's feet

What are the benefits of Aromafrog Hoof & Frog formula?

  • Save on farrier and expensive bills!
  • Helps protect the vulnerable White Line from invading bacteria and fungi
  • Not just a topical instant penetration through the sole wall and frog tissue
  • Encourages regrowth and regeneration of healthy sole tissue and frog
  • Excellent for barefoot animals
  • Use pre and post shoeing
  • Effective and proven with 100% no quibble money back guarantee because this actually works!

Aromafrog is an incredibly effective and proven formula to maintain and regenerate healthy soles and frogs. This innovative product is entirely natural, with no harsh, abrasive chemicals or detergents maintaining health tissue whilst resolving damage.

Once applied, the consistency of Aromafrog allows the product to penetrate deep into even the tiniest cracks and crevices to tackle any opportunistic microbes which have entering and attacked the sensitive underlying structures.

So why is a healthy frog so important?

The frog has two main functions

1)It acts as a shock absorber a healthy frog covers up to 25% of the sole, and the soft tissue of the frog decreases the forces and strains placed on the bones and joints of the legs.

2) The frog is often referred to as the second heart as a healthy frog assists the circulation by pumping blood back up the leg every time the frog makes contact with the ground. Therefore a large, healthy frog enhances the circulation.

Directions for Aromafrog Hoof & Frog formula:

Aromafrog is easy to use.

Clean the sole, frog, and any cracks in the hoof.

Apply the Aromafrog liberally and brush well in with the brush provided.

Use once or twice a day for smelly or damaged, or use weekly for routine protection against further problems

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Testers Comments

"The brush was very easy to use"

"The frogs were soft and smelly and after 5 days of using Aromafrog they had hardened and no longer smelt and had actually regrown!"

Harry Marron

"Receding frogs, bad odour, slight frog sensitivity and softer texture"

"One application made a huge difference to my mares hooves. I am now using it weekly/fortnightly on both her and my other mare to keep further problems at bay whilst the wet weather continues. Both live out 24/7 so their feet have very little chance to dry up and Aromafrog has made life so much easier!"

Natasha Shaw

"The application method was easy to do!"

"With the use of this new product the frog dried up and became noticably stronger within the first few days of use. We are very pleased with the improvement shown by using this product!"

Casey Parker

"I liked the fresh smell!!"

I was pleased how quickly after starting to use this an improvement was seen in the frog. Tally is ridden barefoot and generally has good hooves but can suffer from frog problems and this cleared the problems up very quickly!

Nicky Street

"Very easy to apply..."

This is a difficult time of year for horse owners and this product helped me keep on top of hoof issues.

Sarah Norrish

"My horse loved this!!..."

...He never objected to having it put on his feet. He hated it when we swapped back to another product!! Thank you!

Carin Robinson

"very easy to apply"

I love your Aromafrog product, this is very effective!

Terri Underhay

"Very different to other solutions you can buy"

I already use your Aromaheel product and have done for years, its amazing, so I had no doubt that this product was going to work. Ive recommended this to friends and they were impressed too!!

Sue Graham

"Tigger has continuing problems with his front hooves"

"This was easy to use and work where so many other products failed

Anne Watkin

"Archie has had hoof problems for nearly two years"

"I am delighted to get positive results after such a short time, after months of other lotions and potions"

Cathy Powell

"Genie has a cleft in her frog"

"Genies cleft is filling in well. I have also used it weekly on my other two horses who live out 24/7 and all their feet have stayed healthy. Thank you!"

Jane Lewis

"Warrior had unpleasent smelly frogs"

"I really loved the smell of this...I almost thought it was as therapeutic for the owner

Maria King

"The brush made it really easy to apply"

"I cant wait to use this product to be launched!!

Amanda Mcluckie

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What should I use Aromafrog for?

Aromafrog is for use on damaged soles, white line problems and smelly frogs.

What Does Aromafrog Contain?

Aromafrog doesnt have any harsh chemicals and its purely 100% natural.

How Often should I use it?

Apply the product liberally once or twice daily to damaged hooves/smelly tissue or alternatively use weekly to maintain hooves.

What is the shelf life of this product?

This product will keep for 12-18 months from purchase if stored in a cool place.

How does your money back guarantee work?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on this product and will willingly refund in full or exchange if you are not delighted with it.

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No horse....a healthy sole and frog are key to the overall well being of your horse.

Aromesse products are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure, and should not be considered as a replacement for professional veterinary advice.