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Aroma-Mud Barrier Plus

Aroma-Mud Barrier Plus


18.20 (3 to 5)
17.40 (6 or more)

  • MORE than just a waterproof barrier
  • Double Protection Barrier PLUS antibacterial protection
  • Natural, powerful but gentle
  • Supports skins natural oils & defences
  • Easy & Pleasant to use
  • Can be used in conjunction with Aromaheel

A fantastic 3-in-1 protective antibacterial barrier product of the same quality as Aromaheel, but for use as a preventative. Aroma-Mud is much MORE than a barrier - providing excellent waterproofing protection PLUS pure essential oils, specifically chosen for their antibacterial and soothing properties. This potent combination equips your horses with the ultimate in protection in extreme sodden conditions.


Aroma-Mud achieved a brilliant result

What are the benefits of Aroma-Mud Barrier Plus?

  • MORE than just a waterproof barrier
  • Peace of mind protection whilst turned out
  • Supports skins natural oils & defences
  • Natural, powerful but gentle
  • Can be used in conjunction with Aromaheel
  • Easy & Pleasant to use
  • Convenient & Economical Packaging
  • Loved & recommended by original testers
  • FANTASTIC all-round product
  • Double Protection Barrier PLUS antibacterial protection

Aroma-Mud provides dual protection for horses turned out in squalid conditions and facing prolonged exposure to wet and mud. It provides the perfect combination of a complete waterproof barrier with the powerful, yet gentle anti-bacterial properties of pure essential oils.

Aroma-Mud is pleasant & easy to apply, and provides owners with the peace of mind that their horses legs are completely protected against the harsh, squalid ground conditions which horses ultimately create. The welfare benefits of turnout for horses are undisputed, leaving owners faced with the dilemma of turnout vs skin & hoof problems. Aroma-Mud brings the reassurance and security that the skin is fully protected in such conditions by a product that offers more than just an industrial barrier, with the ability to tackle bacteria.

Directions for Aroma-Mud Barrier Plus:

Apply to dry legs and rub through the hair ensuring complete coverage.

Re-apply every 1-2 days dependent upon the severity of the ground conditions

Can be applied to sore skin but if the skin is weepy or scabby we recommend using Aromaheel ointment initially on these sore areas

If used in conjunction with Aromaheel, apply Aroma-Mud to the surrounding area to provide a continuation of protection, thus preventing further spread/outbreaks

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Testers Comments

"Easy to use.."

" Its a good product and was lucky to trial it as it has been so wet and muddy. The product smelt nice and was easy to apply to the area. The mud problems have been greatly reduced!"

Samantha Hobden

"I used Aroma-Mud as a preventative measure"

" I found this product fantastic. It rubbed in well and did such a good job! Thank you for helping to keep little sausages heels healthy through the winter"

Kathrn Dean

Aroma-Mud achieved a brilliant result

"I've been using the trial pack of barrier ointment for nearly 2 weeks having achieved a brilliant result of ridding m*d f***r on a horse who has suffered intermittently for 3 years. The barrier ointment is extremely user friendly to put on and rubs in very well therefore not using a vast quantity and certainly to date is doing a great job."

Anna Blackett

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What is Aroma-Mud suitable for?

Aroma-Mud is the perfect preventative solution against wet and mud providing complete waterproofing for your horses legs and heels when constantly exposed to wet and mud. Aroma-Mud offers additional anti-bacterial protection against bacteria found dwelling in the soil & on the skins surface providing added support for the skin against any knocks, cuts and abrasions. Aroma-Mud is the perfect partner to use in conjunction with Aromaheel to apply around it to prevent further outbreaks, or following with Aromaheel to prevent future outbreaks. NB If the skin is weepy or scabby, we recommend using Aromaheel in the first instance on these areas

How often do I need to apply it?

As a preventative, dependent upon the severity of the conditions, an application every 1-2 days will provide complete protection against wet and mud conditions.

Do I need to wash it off?

Once applied, the superior waterproofing properties of Aroma-Mud will continue to provide protection eliminating the need to wash off to reapply simply remove/wipe off any excess mud and reapply. If you do wish to wash the legs at any point, we recommend using an antibacterial shampoo and applying a small amount of neat shampoo prior to the addition of water, to help remove the excellent waterproofing provided by Aroma-Mud.

How much Aroma-mud will I need?

Apply Aroma-Mud to the areas requiring protection, ensuring the area is dry prior to application. Using your hands rub the Aroma-Mud through the hair, ensuring all required areas are covered. The convenient, economic dispenser allows controlled application and reduces wastage.

What is in the Aroma-Mud?

Aroma-Mud is formulated by combining superb waterproofing properties with the potent power of pure essential oils and herbal extracts, specifically chosen for their anti-bacterial properties.

I have a sensitive horse, could he be allergic to it?

Aroma-Mud is usually suitable for any horse, but if you have a particularly sensitive horse, or a horse allergic to tea tree oil, please test a small amount on an unaffected area first on the body (not the legs).

What is the shelf life of the Aroma-mud?

The Aroma-Mud will keep for at least 1 year, after this time its effectiveness may be reduced.

How does your money-back guarantee work?

Our money back guarantee, is a 100% no quibble guarantee, so you can try the Aroma-mud on your horse in full confidence that if you arent delighted with the results we will refund you in full without question.

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